The moment has finally come! After having been overlooked for many years, Copenhagen is finally up for a brand new scenery!

The new scenery will be released by FlyTampa, their first development since they released Montreal in 2013. The new scenery is groundbreaking in its quality and its performance, and will be loved for many years to come.

We here in VATSIM Scandinavia would like to celebrate this! We are organizing a big welcome for the new FlyTampa scenery, with extensive staffing between 15:00 and 22:00z.

The airports Hamburg (EDDH) and Stavanger (ENZV) will be features in this event as well, making good destinations from Copenhagen. A comprehensive briefing pack is also released informing of all the do’s and don’ts of Copenhagen airport. So go buy your copy of ‘FlyTampa Copenhagen’, and join us in celebrating this magnificent scenerys entry into the Flight Simulator community.


Hamburg Payware Payware scenery for Hamburg by Aerosoft More information
Stavanger Payware Payware scenery for Stavanger airport by Jo Erlend / Aerosoft More information
Copenhagen Payware Payware scenery for Copenhagen Kastrup airport by FlyTampa. More information
Denmark Payware Night enviornment that covers the entire country of Denmark More information


Hamburg vACC SAG
Stavanger Avinor IPPC
Copenhagen Naviair