Staff list

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Staff ID Position Name E-mail Availability Code
ACCSCA1 Director Julius Mannermaa RDY
ACCSCA2 Training Director Håvard Halvorsen RDY
ACCSCA3 Director of Copenhagen FIR Mikkel Lindgren RDY
ACCSCA4 Director of Norway FIR Daniel Klepp RDY
ACCSCA5 Director of Sweden FIR Martin Loxbo RDY
ACCSCA6 Director of Finland FIR Jouka Ahponen RDY
ACCSCA7 Director of Icelandic CTA Miska Jokinen RDY
ACCSCA11 Web Services Director Peter Persson RDY
ACCSCA12 Web Services Assistant Mathias Johnsen RDY
ACCSCA13 Web Development Engineer VACANT DEP (ACCSCA11)
ACCSCA14 Pilot Coordinator VACANT DEP (ACCSCA1)
ACCSCA15 Event Coordinator Martin Tornberg RDY
ACCSCA20 Assistant Event Coordinator Krister Larsen RDY
ACCSCA21 Training Assistant Sweden Martin Stockzell RDY
ACCSCA22 Training Assistant Denmark Lukas Agerskov RDY
ACCSCA23 Training Assistant Norway Bork Johnsen RDY
ACCSCA24 Training Assistant Finland Joonatan Porkkala RDY
ACCSCA25 Training Assistant Iceland VACANT DEP (ACCSCA7)
ACCSCA26 Deputy Training Assistant Norway Mathias Johnsen RDY
ACCSCA27 Deputy Training Assistant Sweden Mattias Krogstad RDY

RDY = Can be reached on a daily basis
OOO = Out Of Office (for a short time. 1-2 weeks)
VAC = Vacation (longer vacation, 3-6 weeks)
DEP = Will be away for more then 2 months/Position vacant

All members of the staff will always have someone who can do their job when they are gone, a short CODE will appear after the availability code, which will represent the staff member who can be contacted instead of the person that is away.

TAS - Training Administration System, now receiving and handling all training requests in VATSIM Scandinavia, more info here!