Endorsement Overview

This page provides an overview of controllers, and their endorsements, in VATSIM Scandinavia. A member listed as ‘Passive’ is not authorized to provide air traffic control in Scandinavia on the VATSIM Network and are not shown on this list. Passive ATC controller must contact the Training Department to regain Active status. A member with both TWR and APP endorsement for a major airport, and holds a C1 or C3 rating, also has the endorsement to control the ACC above the airport. BIKF and EFHK are not classified as Major Airport.

A member listed as S1 has been passive since before the integration of the VATSIM Global Rating Policy – or are under training for the tower rating. A member listed as S1 is not authorized to be online without a mentor, and is listed as Passive until the S2-rating is achieved.

Are you a member of VATSIM Scandinavia, and your name doesn’t show up on the list, or does the list contain incorrect data? As Vatsim Scandinavia forum is the carrier of members endorsment for major airport records, please login to Vatsim Scandinavia forum with Vatsim SSO. Thereafter send an e-mail to Director, and provide your full name and VATSIM ID, and the correct data. Note that the submitted data will be subject for validation against records.

CID Name Rating EFHK EKCH ENGM ESSA Oceanic Active
811064 Peter Ingerslev Nielsen Supervisor YES
811390 Stephen Odgaard C3 YES
811805 Martin Loxbo C3 TWR+APP YES
812336 Jonas Rettum C1 TWR+APP ENOB YES
812425 Jan-Erik Andelin C1 YES
821383 Fernando Solorza C1 TWR+APP YES
832365 Kenneth Hald C1 TWR+APP YES
835974 Jan Tore Elvheim C1 TWR+APP TWR+APP TWR+APP YES
839337 Juha Holopainen C1 YES
839996 Mathias Johnsen C1 TWR+APP YES
843850 Daniel Edvardsson C1 TWR+APP YES
848603 Jorma Tyyskä C1 YES
853449 Petter Jakobsson C1 TWR+APP YES
861546 Henri Lapinniemi S2 YES
865569 Henrik Abrahamsson S3 YES
879396 Per Brodersen C3 TWR+APP YES
880543 Magnus Gustafsson C3 TWR+APP TWR+APP YES
925670 Tom Knudsen C1 YES
935413 Daniel Larsen C1 TWR+APP YES
937154 Hakan Schulz Supervisor TWR+APP TWR+APP YES
937254 Axel Westermark C1 TWR+APP YES
953633 Alexander Arildsson C1 TWR+APP YES
962820 Kim Strandsbjerg C1 TWR+APP YES
984053 Hans Skjalm S2 YES
997444 Magnus Meese C1 TWR+APP YES
1000634 jakob Arne Br�nstad S3 TWR+APP YES
1003540 Mikkel Lindgren C1 TWR+APP YES
1004951 Kim Vanvik C1 TWR+APP YES
1010196 Mathias Lund S3 TWR+APP YES
1026018 Santeri Lehtonen C1 YES
1035750 Daniel Klepp INS TWR+APP YES
1047601 Even Rognlien C1 TWR+APP YES
1055999 Bjoern Helge Smaavollan S2 TWR YES
1066135 Anders Moen C1 TWR+APP ENOB+BICC YES
1067921 Anders Merch Gr�nmyr C1 TWR+APP TWR+APP YES
1069087 Martin Tornberg INS TWR+APP YES
1089621 Wygene Chong C1 TWR+APP TWR+APP BICC YES
1105694 Mikkel Johnsen C1 TWR+APP YES
1112485 John Brander S3 TWR+APP YES
1113590 Reidar Fredrik Frydenlund S3 TWR+APP YES
1138158 Claus Hemberg Joergensen INS TWR+APP YES
1142131 Patrik Olsson S2 YES
1142768 Sam Greenwood S2 TWR YES
1145889 Aleksander Storma C1 TWR+APP TWR+APP TWR+APP BICC YES
1148433 Semir Gebran C1 TWR+APP YES
1155582 Nadeem Zabaneh C1 TWR+APP YES
1157125 Max August Larsson Kuhla C1 TWR+APP BICC YES
1177366 Zacharias Dupont S2 TWR YES
1184133 Andreas Ineman S3 TWR+APP YES
1188303 Martin Jacobsen C1 TWR+APP TWR+APP TWR+APP ENOB+BICC YES
1192435 Marius Granli C1 TWR+APP TWR+APP YES
1195647 Cameron Park C1 TWR+APP YES
1203470 Henrik Sonstebo S2 TWR YES
1215498 Kim Grandalen S2 YES
1215783 Filip Holmström C1 TWR+APP YES
1217749 Jonas Bergenholz C1 TWR+APP YES
1218327 Casper Hvid C1 TWR YES
1220255 Christian Due S3 YES
1223261 Joachim Buerskog C1 TWR+APP YES
1224384 Jakob Lindved Marker C1 TWR+APP YES
1225719 morten lund OBS YES
1226374 Lukas Agerskov C1 TWR+APP YES
1227980 Mats Edvin Aaro S2 TWR YES
1229747 Johan Sørenes S2 YES
1234969 Jaakko Koponen S3 YES
1239359 Jouka Ahponen INS BICC YES
1240250 Roberto Prodan S2 TWR YES
1242075 Tomas Labraaten S2 YES
1242275 Christian Boed C1 BICC YES
1242721 Oskar Sunnanhagen S3 TWR+APP YES
1242746 Hans Olav Roaldstveit C1 TWR+APP YES
1244751 Joonatan Porkkala INS YES
1248860 Marius Stangerholt Balsnes S2 TWR YES
1250948 Mathias Nilsen S2 YES
1253198 Thomas Ljung S3 TWR YES
1254929 Vegard Hauan S3 TWR YES
1259529 Kristian Kling INS TWR+APP YES
1262761 Gustav Kauman C1 TWR+APP TWR YES
1265943 Mads Bjerrum S2 YES
1266823 Fredrik Stromgren S2 TWR YES
1273674 Simon Skofteland S2 TWR YES
1281702 Mattias Green C1 TWR+APP YES
1282200 Elias Peteri S2 YES
1282512 adrian forsbom S2 YES
1283410 Eddie Josefsson S2 TWR YES
1284127 Mathias Forrisdahl S3 TWR+APP YES
1284176 Håvard Halvorsen C1 TWR+APP YES
1285642 Boaz Lev S3 TWR+APP YES
1290995 Miska Jokinen C1 BICC YES
1294494 Martin Stockzell S3 TWR+APP YES
1294528 Petrus Gynther S2 YES
1294873 Peter Persson S1 YES
1297251 Harald Kvangarsnes S3 TWR+APP YES
1299865 Christoffer Paulsen S2 TWR YES
1303378 Victor Creutz S3 TWR YES
1308351 Patrik Karlsson S2 YES
1308489 Henry Carlsten S2 TWR YES
1308985 Ricky Petersen S2 TWR YES
1309933 Bork Johnsen S3 TWR YES
1314382 Alexander Lyon S2 YES
1315031 Christian Frederiksen S3 TWR+APP YES
1316949 Emil Snersrud S2 YES
1318875 Kobi Lecornu S2 YES
1319543 samuel nygaard S2 YES
1323937 Emil Holgersson S2 TWR YES
1324780 Otto Suhonen S3 YES
1324803 Janne Louhi S2 YES
1325300 Julius Mannermaa C1 BICC YES
1328969 Jeppe Kjeldsen S2 YES
1330653 Niklas Uls S2 YES
1331068 Lauri Liimatainen S2 YES
1335375 Albin Hessel S2 TWR YES
1339353 Adrian Bjerke S3 YES
1340447 Mikkel Olsen S2 TWR YES
1340812 Krister Larsen S2 TWR YES
1352844 Mattias Krogstad S2 YES
1355384 Sebastian Andby S2 YES
1389964 Emil Nymand OBS YES
TAS - Training Administration System, now receiving and handling all training requests in VATSIM Scandinavia, more info here!