VATSIM Scandinavia provide a Discord server for its members. This server may be freely used by the member of VATSIM Scandinavia, who adheres to the following rules:

  • Log in with your full first and last name
  • Treat each other with mutual respect. Don’t threat, harass or belittle other members
  • Do not use the ‘poke’ function if this is available
  • Sharing of illegal information, such as information about pirated software, is strictly prohibited
  • Avoid unneccessary noises
  • Dual connections to the server is prohibited
  • Adhere to instrcutions from the staff. Staff members is spotted by [staff] behind their names
  • Do not enter any of the training department rooms unless you have a scheduled training or checkout. Adjacent controllers may enter for coordination
  • Do not use any of the ‘ATC Coordination room’ unless you are controlling, or coordinating with adjacent controllers
  • Members being idle for more than 30 minutes will be removed to ‘The Away Channel’

Discord server for VATSIM Scandinavia

Invite youself via this link! (https://discord.gg/F8SHzZE)