EKAH – Aarhus Airport


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Aarhus Airport (EKAH) is the 4th largest airport in Denmark, located 40km
northeast of the city of Aarhus. The airport consist of two parralel runways
(28/10) as well as a ramp area with one terminal. Runway 28L/10R is the main
runway and used for all commercial traffic. Runway 28R/10L is mainly used for

VFR traffic.
Both runways are equipped with ILS, where Runway 28L has CATII as well.
The airport is mainly served by SAS, Ryanair and British Airways. Other than that
several charter airlines offer flights from Aarhus to southern destinations.

Aarhus is located in a control zone with Tower prevailing when online. Above is
Aarhus TMA (Class D) controlled by Aarhus Approach when online, when not
online EKDK_CTR will assume all positions.

-SAS (Copenhagen, Stockholm, Palma De Mallorca)
-British airways (Stockholm Bromma, Oslo, Göteborg)
-Thomas Cook Scandinavia (Charter)
-Primera (Charter)

Aarhus Tower (EKAH TWR): 118.525
Aarhus Approach (EKAH_APP): 119.275
Copenhagen Control (EKDK_CTR) 135.275

Traffic may enter via different VFR reporting points. For a right circuits runway
10R and left circuits 28L. Full VFR chart.

There are no published STAR’s into Aarhus. Expect direct routings to ARDEK for
ILS Runway 28L and GIPIN for ILS Runway runway 10R. Alternatively vectors
may be used to final approach.
MAX 250 knots below FL100.
Visual approach is also available and should be executed south of the airfield.

The main runway (28L/10R) Is used for all commercial traffic. Expect to vacate
north, for taxi to the apron.
The Apron consist of four main stands. Stand 4 use normally used for flights out
of schengen. (Ryanair to Stansted) All stands are selfmanouvering.
VFR parking is on the western end of the apron.

There are no prefirential runway in EKAH. Opposite runway may be requested
when conditions prevail.
10R: Intersection Y and W may be used for takeoff
28L: Intersection E and W may be used for takeoff
Prefered takeoff position should be stated on first contact with TWR. A
Request ATC Clearence upon taxiing to the runway.
There are no published SID’s in EKAH, expect an omnidirection departure
ALL IFR aircraft must climb to minimum 700 feet before turning.
EXPECT NAPD 2 out of Aarhus

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