EKBI – Billund Airport


VATSIM Scandinavia chart package AIRAC1808

Billund airport (EKBI) is the second largest airport in denmark located just north
of the city of billund. Billund is a busy cargo airport as well. It is equipped with
one runway (09/27) which are fulle CATIII approved.

EKBI is located in a CTR (Class D) Which spans from GND to 1500’. This is
controlled by EKBI_TWR when online. 1500-FL120 is EKBI_APP (Class C)
Copenhagen Control assumes all positions when all other is offline.
Max 250 knots below FL60

-Ryanair (several dest. See www.vryr.eu)
-Norwegian (Oslo, Barcelona, Alicante)
-Lufthansa (Frankfurt)
-KLM (Amsterdam)
-British Airways (London C+H, Bergen, Oslo, Stockholm, Düsseldorf,
Manchester, Munich, Stavanger)
-Jettime (charter)
-Primera (charter)
-Scandinavian Airlines (Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Malaga, Bergen, Split, Nice,
-Many Others

Billund Tower (EKBI_TWR): 119.000
Billund Approach (EKBI_APP): 127.575
Copenhagen Control (EKDK_CTR): 135.275

VFR traffic may enter via one of the five reporting points. For circuits north of
the airfield (Points shown below) Overflying of the city of Billund (South and
southwest of aerodrome) is PROHIBITED.

There are no published STAR’s in EKBI. Expect direct to GELBA or LOKSA for
straight in approach to runway 09 or 27 respectively. Vectors may also be
provided by appropiate unit. Visual approaches are also available, but may only
be executed North of the airfield.

Billund airport has a commercial apron (NORTH) and Cargo ramp (SOUTH) as
well as General aviation (SOUTHEAST & SOUTHWEST)
NORTH AREA: Commercial Apron. Stands 25-40 is normally used for traffic.
Stand 25, 26, 38 & 40 is normally used for non-schengen flights. Expect taxi-in
via F or N depending on runway configuration.

SOUTH AREA: stands 0-10 is mainly used for cargo aircrafts. VFR can park either
in the most western part of the south apron (VFR Flying club) Or down at the
hangar area in the southeastern part of the ramp area (By taxiway G)
When taxiing to runway 27 from the south area expect to cross the runway at F,
and then continue on K.

Call for ATC clearence with the initial call. All SID’s has a stop altitude of FL60.
Runway 27: All SID’s require an immidiate right turn after departure to avoid the
city of Billund. Intersection M may be used for departure.
Runway 09: Intersection F, A, B and C may be used for departure.
Expect NAPD 2 out of Billund

Azurafiles Billund
Vidan Design Billund (TBR)


Credits: Lukas Agerskov