EKYT – Aalborg Airport


VATSIM Scandinavia chart package AIRAC1808

Aalborg (EKYT) is the third largest airport in Denmark, and located west of the
city Aalborg co-located with a millitary base.
It is the main airport for all people in the northern part of Denmark and is
connected to Copenhagen, several major capitals in Europe and southern

Aalborg is mainly served by charter destinations. Companies such as ”Primera”,
”Norwegian Air shuttle” and ”Thomas cook scandinavia” operates a lot of charter
flights especially in summer.
All year round airlines, such as ”SAS”, ”Lufthansa”, ”KLM”, ”Norwegian Air
Shuttle” and ”British airways” also operates from Aalborg.
The airport has two parralel main runways, on (08L/26R) is used for all
commercial traffic, where the smaller one (08R/26L) is used mainly for VFR

Aalborg ATIS (EKYT_ATIS): 120.475
Aalborg Tower (EKYT_TWR): 118.300
Aalborg Approach (EKYT_APP) 123.975
Copenhagen Control (EKDK_CTR): 135.275

Aalborg is located in Class D airspace, with class C airspace above. Max speed
250 below FL100. Expect vectors, or direct points on final, by EKDK_CTR or
EKYT_APP if online. Both runway are equipped with ILS, runway 26L includes
No STARS is available in Aalborg. EKDK CTR may clear you to direct AAL, GL,
BAKIT or GIPUG for an ILS to the active runway. Alternatively vectors will be
Visual approaches are also available, in case of visual approach IFR traffic must
stay clear of the city of Aalborg.

VFR Traffic
VFR traffic is to enter via one of the reporting points. For a full VFR chart go to
EKYT VFR charts

Request startup and pushback to appropiate ATC unit. As in all danish airports
(Except EKBI and EKCH) ATC clearence must be requested on taxi, not prior to
There are no SID’s in EKYT. All departures are Omnidirectional departures,
minimum climb to 600’ before turning
26R: all IFR traffic must climb to 2000 before turning.
08R: All IFR traffic must climb straight ahead until reaching 2 DME from AAL.

All aircrafts are expected to vacate the runway to the south, due to military
activity on the north part of the aerodrome. Taxi via runway 26L/08R and C to
the apron area. Caution B is a narrow taxiways, and CANNOT be used by 737 and

Freeware Danmark scenery 1.4 including a rendition of Aalborg.


Credits: Lukas Agerskov

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