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Here you will find information about each airport in Finland, including ATC frequencies, local traffic regulations, parking procedures, and links to charts and scenery.



Scenery package FINLAND. A lightweight scenery package that contains all controlled airports except Helsinki Airport (EFHK). The package is built for FSX, but should in theory work also for Prepar3D v2. Created by Juha Holopainen. [DOWNLOAD EXTERNAL LINK] (updated 7.12.2016)


If no information found below , please check AIP SUOMI-FINLAND .

  • EFET    Enontekiö Airport
  • EFHA  Halli Airport
  • EFHF   Helsinki-Malmi Airport
  • EFHK   Helsinki-Vantaa Airport
  • EFIV    Ivalo Airport
  • EFJO   Joensuu Airport
  • EFJY    Jyväskylä Airport
  • EFKI    Kajaani Airport
  • EFKE   Kemi-Tornio Airport
  • EFKT   Kittilä Airport
  • EFKK   Kokkola-Pietarsaari Airport
  • EFKU  Kuopio Airport
  • EFKS   Kuusamo Airport
  • EFLP    Lappeenranta Airport
  • EFMA Mariehamn Airport
  • EFMI   Mikkeli Airport
  • EFOU  Oulu Airport
  • EFPO  Pori Airport
  • EFRO  Rovaniemi Airport
  • EFSA   Savonlinna Airport
  • EFSI     Seinäjoki Airport
  • EFTP   Tampere-Pirkkala Airport
  • EFTU   Turku Airport
  • EFUT   Utti Airport
  • EFVA  Vaasa Airport
  • EFVR   Varkaus Airport

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