Sector Map

The sector map below shows the entire Reykjavik Control Area (CTA) and its neighbours. Both the BGGL and BIRD FIRs are combined to form the CTA, which is further split into sectors north, east, south and west. The CTA sectors are NOT the same as the FIR boundaries.

The radar corridor between Europe and North America is within the BIRD_CTR sectors. No position reports are required when under BIRD_CTR (but you still need oceanic clearance).

Area Positions

Identifier Callsign Note Country Altitude
BIRD_CTR Reykjavik Control South, East and West Sectors Combined Iceland, Central Greenland & Faroe Islands See Sectors
BIRD_S_CTR Reykjavik Control South South Sector Iceland Top Down
BIRD_E_CTR Reykjavik Control East East Sector Faroe Islands Top Down
BIRD_W_CTR Reykjavik Control West West Sector Central Greenland Above FL195
BICC_FSS Iceland Radio North Sector (Position Reports) + All Reykjavik CTA Inbound Oceanic Clearances

 + All Greenland Outbound Oceanic Clearances when BGGL_FSS is offline

 + West Sector with position reports when BIRD_CTR is offline.

Coordinating departing oceanic clearances with AFIS airports

Northern Greenland Above FL195
BGGL_FSS Søndrestrøm Information BGGL FIR (Position Reports) Greenland Top Down below FL195
EURI_FSS Eurocontrol Islands South and East Sectors Iceland & Faroe Islands Above FL245
CZQX_FSS Gander Radio North Atlantic Oceanic (Position Reports) Southern Greenland Above FL195
Sector Map Reykjavik

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Map created by Anders Moen (Procedural Adviser – Reykjavik CTA)