ESGJ Jönköping

Note: Essential information is written in bold face.


Jönköping Airport (Axamo) is located 7 km west of the city of Jönköping. The airport opened in 1961 and a new terminal building was built in the early 1990s. From Axamo there are daily scheduled flights Stockholm, Frankfurt and Karlstad, as well as charter traffic to several holiday destinations. At night, the airport is busy with cargo traffic serving Stockholm, Malmö, Oslo, Helsinki, Brussels, Billund and Karlsruhe.

Charts and AIP information


FS2004: Freeware scenery available at RB Design.

FSX/P3D: Freeware scenery “Sweden Design” available at RB Design.

Local Regulations

Noise abatement procedures

  1. Departing aircraft not following SID (applicable to aircraft with MTOW above 5,700 kg and all jet aircraft):
    RWY 01: Right turn must not be initiated before passing OA.
    RWY 19: Left turn must not be initiated before passing OJ.
  2. Visual approach: Maintain 2500 ft until on final approach.

Other information

  • If possible, IFR clearance will be given when the pilot requests start-up. Squawk code will normally be transmitted during taxi.
  • All parking stands are “self-manoeuvring” stands, so push-back is normally not needed.
  • SID and STAR is available but direct routings are frequently given by ATC. It is not uncommon to be cleared direct to the first point in the flight plan for departures, or direct JON, OJ, OA or BAMAX/GOLAV for arrivals. However, you may of course request to fly SID/STAR for training purposes.


Main apron, stand 1-3
Airline flights

Main apron, stand 4-5
Cargo and GA

Cargo apron
Cargo and GA

Hangars and aprons north and east of RWY 11/29
Flying club, private light aircraft


ID – Frequency – Callsign – Remarks 

ESGJ_TWR – 118.250 Jönköping Tower – CTR and TMA

ESOS_1_CTR/ESOS_CTR – 118.400 – Sweden Control – ACC sector responsible if no local ATS is available

Airspace classification

TMA and CTR: Class C