ESNX Arvidsjaur

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Only 5,000 people live in Arvidsjaur, but yet there is an international airport here. The main reason for this is that Arvidsjaur and nearby Arjeplog are important locations for the automotive industry – this is where new cars, buses and lorries are tested in a sub-polar winter climate. All the year round there are daily scheduled flights to Stockholm/Arlanda (with Nextjet), but in the winter the airport comes alive with business jets and charter flights mainly to Germany.

Until summer 2013, Arvidsjaur airport was also a base for the largest commercial flight school in Sweden, Scandinavian Aviation Academy, which had a large fleet of C172 aircraft based here. Finally, as Arvidsjaur is an important military location, military transport flights are common here, with aircraft both from the Swedish and international armed forces.

The runway was extended from 2000 m to 2500 m in 2005. The runway has ILS in both directions. Note that FS2004 only has the old 2000 m runway, and only has ILS for RWY 30.

Charts and AIP information


Freeware scenery for FS2004 available at RB Design.

Updated scenery for FSX

Local Regulations


In real life TWR service is only available during “office hours” at Arvidsjaur. During weekends and evenings only AFIS is provided. On VATSIM these times may not be followed, so check with the controller to see which service is provided.

For information about AFIS procedures, see Introduktion AFIS (in Swedish only) or AIP AD 1.1.8 (Swedish and English).

Traffic circuit

Right hand traffic circuit RWY 30.

Other information

IFR clearance and squawk code will normally be given during taxi.


Stand 1-3
Airline flights

Stand 4-5
GA and light aircraft


ID – Frequency – Callsign – Remarks 

ESNX_TWR – 122.725 – Arvidsjaur Tower – CTR and TMA
ESNX_I_TWR – 122.725 – Arvidsjaur Information – AFIS, TIZ and TIA

ESOS_K_CTR – 131.050 – Sweden Control – ACC sector responsible if no local ATS is available
ESOS_N_CTR – 132.150 – Sweden Control – *
ESOS_3_CTR – 131.125 – Sweden Control – *
ESOS_1_CTR/ESOS_CTR – 118.400 – Sweden Control – *

*Sectors responsible in order of priority when no local ATS or ESOS sector K is available

Airspace classification

TMA and CTR: Class C
TIZ and TIA: Class G