Stockholm Arlanda Realtime 2014


30th November 12-21z VATSIM Scandinavia would finally like to welcome all pilots for another edition of Stockholm Real Time event. This time we have also included Stockholm-Bromma (ESSB) and Västerås-Hässlö (ESOW) which together with Stockholm-Arlanda is situated in Stockholm TMA. With over 500 flights during 9 hours there is a flight for every taste.

ESSA: With around 20 millions passengers flying on a yearly basis it sure is one of the main airports within the Nordic countries which connects Stockholm and Sweden with Europe and the rest of the world. Beside the main carriers SAS and Norwegian a numerous airlines are operating in and out from Stockholm-Arlanda.

ESSB: Bromma is around 7 km from downtown Stockholm and is the airport closest to the city. As Sweden’s fifth busiest airport you will find a lot of domestic flights that will connect the capital with the rest of Sweden with the main operator Malmö Aviation.

ESOW: Västerås-Hässlö is one of the destinations for the low cost carrier Ryanair which operates to Stansted most of the weekdays and additionally to Malaga and Alicante. Apart from Ryanair operating the airport is the home for several flying schools and also a flight museum. So if you want to do some flight training in your favorite GA this is the spot for it. From time to time you can see TNT among other cargo operators operate out from Västerås.

To make sure you will truly enjoy this event it’s highly recommended that you to visit the pilot briefing to familiarise with the airports and the procedures.

Welcome to Stockholm TMA on Sunday 30th November!