Vatsim Scandinavia starting to use Vatsim SSO on website and shortly on forum. We are also moving to new server


Vatsim SSO and Vatsim Scandinavia

As from today, members are required to use Vatsim SSO to see al content in our website. General content and information to pilots will be provided without signing in with SSO.

New forum is under final development, witch will also use Vatsim SSO to verify users credentials.

What is Vatsim SSO

User credentials are provided by Vatsim via SSO(Single Sign On). That will enhance user experience in an safe way, as via Vatsim SSO user verifies his/hers credentials in an efficient way. This will save resources for IT Administrator as relying on Vatsim SSO to handle credentials.

New server/new forum

Vatsim Scandinavia is fortuned enough to be able to utilise donated server and we are in final stages of migrating al our content to that server. As previously informed, there are an urgent need to start up new forum, as the old forum are hampered by security issues.

So do remember to sign in on our website with Vatsim SSO to see al available content and shortly that will be needed also on the new forum

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