Who's online - booking, online ATC and pilots

This page shows bookings as well as information about online ATC and pilots flying to and from an airport within our airspace. Please note that the times on this page may be delayed for up to about 30 minutes.

Upcoming ATC Bookings
24 March 2018 (Saturday)
Position From To Booked by  
EKCH_TWR 10:30z 13:00z Simon Larsen  
25 March 2018 (Sunday)
Position From To Booked by  
BIRD_CTR 11:00z 13:00z Wygene Chong  
ESOS_1_CTR 13:30z 20:00z Hakan Schulz  
ENGM_W_APP 14:00z 17:00z Daniel Lange  
ENOS_CTR 14:00z 17:00z Harald Kvangarsnes  
ESMM_5_CTR 14:00z 20:00z Hakan Schulz  
ESSA_TWR 14:00z 20:00z Hakan Schulz  
ESSA_E_APP 14:00z 20:00z Hakan Schulz  
ESSA_GND 15:30z 20:00z Hakan Schulz  
EKCH_TWR 16:00z 17:00z Martin Thorsteinsson  
ESSA_DEL 17:00z 19:30z Hakan Schulz  
ESSA_W_APP 17:00z 20:00z Hakan Schulz  
ESSA_F_APP 18:00z 20:00z Hakan Schulz  
26 March 2018 (Monday)
Position From To Booked by  
EKCH_APP 14:00z 20:00z Mikkel Lindgren  
EKCH_APP 18:00z 20:00z Nadeem Zabaneh  
EKDK_CTR 18:00z 20:00z Morten Jelle  
28 March 2018 (Wednesday)
Position From To Booked by  
BIKF_APP 16:15z 21:00z Kobi Lecornu  
BIKF_TWR 17:00z 20:00z Miska Jokinen  
BIRD_CTR 17:00z 20:00z Miska Jokinen  
EKDK_CTR 17:30z 20:00z Kevin Liljala  
EKCH_APP 18:00z 20:00z Mikkel Lindgren  
EKCH_TWR 18:00z 20:00z Lukas Agerskov  

Online Controllers
Position Frequency Controller Logon time
None Online…
Online Pilots
Callsign Dep Dest Pilot
WOW147 BIKF KPIT David Troyer KPIT
ICE688 KMCO BIKF Alexander Belluccio KPBI
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