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    08 Sep 2022 17:00      20:00

    This event began 03/31/22 and repeats every week on Thursday forever

    VATSIM Scandinavia and Finland invite you to enjoy our weekly event, Welcome to HEL. Helsinki Airport will be fully staffed by our air traffic controllers every Thursday 1700z-2000z.
    A rapidly growing team of controllers is looking forward to guiding you into Helsinki Airport (EFHK). Helsinki Control (EFIN_CTR) will also provide top-down service all across Finnish airspace. We guarantee professional, flexible and friendly service across the entirety of Finland.
    See you on Thursday!
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    11 Aug 2022 17:30      19:00

    Where is the party? It's at Bergen! Fly to or from ENBR and help Linus prove his worthiness of an S2 rating! It doesn't matter if you fly IFR or VFR, all traffic is welcome. We hope to see you around!
    FSX/P3D: Aerosoft Bergen X (Payware)
    FSX/P3D: AoN (Freeware)
    X-Plane: Airport Bergen XP (Payware)
    MSFS: WombiiActual (Freeware)

    AIP Norway

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