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Göteborg VFR Weekend


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Krister Larsen (1340812)

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Do you like flying VFR? So do we!

We (Some swedish VFR enthusiasts) invite you to take your favourite aircraft for a spin around Göteborg, Where Sweden's second largest airport, Landvetter ESGG is located.

Top quality service will be offered at Landvetter ESGG, Säve ESGP and Trollhättan ESGT. Maybe visit uncontrolled Borås ESGE, Allingsås ESGI or Öresten ESGM. Among many others!

Experience the beautiful Swedish west coast, Feskekörka, low and slow, in Swedish, English!


Don't forget your charts, being especially important when flying VFR!

Free Aeronautical charts here (Direct link to chart)

Airport Charts

VFR-Guide (in swedish)

Swedish VFR Weather

Low Level Forecast


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