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  4. I have another request: In VATSpy Aarhus is spelled "Aaehus", is it possible to change that to Aarhus?
  5. Where is the party tonight? It´s at ENOS! Thursday, the 7th of May, Bjørn Helge Småvollan will prove that he is worth a C1 rating upgrade. If you´re planning to fly within the ENOS airspace, you're very welcome. Give Bjørn Helge a challenge by flying in the area around Oslo between 17 and 19z. Norway identifies you, and hopes to see you at the party! Scenery, Charts & Briefing
  6. Krister Larsen


    Where is the party tonight? It´s at ENOS! Thursday, the 7th of May, Bjørn Helge Småvollan will prove that he is worth a C1 rating upgrade. If you´re planning to fly within the ENOS airspace, you're very welcome. Give Bjørn Helge a challenge by flying in the area around Oslo between 17 and 19z. Norway identifies you, and hopes to see you at the party! Scenery, Charts & Briefing
  7. It is per design, the manual doesn't seem to be up to date on that part. If desired, the functionality can be enabled in the settings. For example using Shortcut_AHDG_NoFixes_Combo=0x12 gives the functionality described in the manual (that's the default setting in type B).
  8. Hi All, Not usually one for doing this, but would just like to promote this Virtual Airline (VA). As you can gather by the logo, we simulate the operatations of Condor and Sunclass Airlines (Both formerly part of the Thomas Cook Group). We try and represent their operations as close as possible. The VA is operated through the VAMSYS website which im sure most of you are aware of and use smartcars for flight tracking. We do not have much presence on social media, however have a small and growing community on Discord. If you'd like to join, check us out https://vamsys.io/register/f11fb970-524e-44c7-916f-150adf826b1b. Regards, Jake
  9. Possible Bug When using A-version of plugin it is not possible to set dct to WPT/VOR/NDB by using the AHDG vector as stated in manual. Is this per design or is it a bug, as the manual on this point doesn't differentiate between A and B?
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  11. This Thursday will be a show in Finland. In addition to Helsinki tower, radar AND control being online, we will also have coverage in Oulu as @Otto Juntunen will have a training session in EFOU_TWR!
  12. until
    Help Kieran Riley claim his S3 by supporting his exam on Keflavik Approach
  13. Hi guys! This is my modification of the Denis Ahola's GSX profile (https://www.inibuilds.com/gsx-finland) for the Aerosoft Mega Airport Helsinki. Changes: - Noseloader jetways on stands 12 to 31 have been changed from glass to corrugated, to represent the IRL jetways better - Noseloader jetways on stands 32 to 35 have been replaced with "normal" glass jetways. This is for two reasons: 1. Because GSX level 2 doesn't come with noseloader jetways that would fit to heavy stands, 2. Because within the new terminal stands are equipped with this type of jetway. -Jetways on stands 36 to 38 have been modified in the same way as on stands 32 to 35, but this time I added second jetway (since most of the new stands in Helsinki have two jetways). Here's some pics for y'all: Installation: Download the original GSX profile from iniBuilds site (https://www.inibuilds.com/gsx-finland) and install it strictly following the instructions. When you are done, replace the given .ini file with the one that's on this post (efhk-hziioe.ini). After this, you should be good to go. Addressed issues: - When parking to stands 32-38, you need to stop little bit earlier than what the GSX marshaller instructs you. This is because otherwise the further jetway can't maneuver itself to the first door. - Jetways on stands 32-38 tend to go through some objects within the scenery. - This does not actually represent the old, or the current situation in Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, it's more of a hybrid version between them. Hope this made your flying in Helsinki more enjoyable! efhk-hziioe.ini
  14. Next Thursday the 9th at 17-20z Paavo Ojala will have another training session on EFHK_APP. There will also be training on EFIN and TWR, so expect great service in Helsinki and throughout Finland. Welcome!
  15. Yes, indeed. There was a misplacement in the tag. So, thats working as it should now... However, with "Dummy item - non-detailed" in the assumed and "Dummy item - detailed" in the detailed tag, the route draw disappers once I move my mouse from the assumed tags. Is that an intended behaviour?
  16. We will be having our third online session with @Otto Juntunen on Helsinki Tower this Friday at 17z. Welcome!
  17. Not silly, but also not a feature of the real system either as far as I know, so no. That information should be gathered using other means such as flight strips, the EuroScope lists or something like that. Given that I have rather little detailed information on the real system, should I in the future find out something like this really exists, I'll certainly consider it.
  18. A missing dummy item in your tag definition perhaps? Since the non-concerned tracks work, the dummy item is present in the 'untagged' level tag. I'd guess it's missing from the 'tagged' level tag.
  19. I might have found a bug: When openning the extended tag of an assumed aircraft it stays open forever. Non-concerned aircraft seem to work and the extended tag closes after moving your mouse of the tag. I have yet to find the "trigger", but I think it has to do with the dummy item.
  20. Hey there, I know that might sound silly to you but... is it possible or might it be possible to modify the settings in a way so one could see if someone handoff an aircraft to you or to see if im tracking an aircraft myself? regards
  21. My bad. It was much more than EURM, but its all resolved now! VATSpy.dat
  22. @Adrian Bjerke Noticed that EURM disappeared with the latest .dat file
  23. VATSIM Scandinavia only source of income is from generous donations from all of you. Every euro we receive goes towards keeping our services up and running, and also during 2019 to upgrade and secure them so that our brilliant Web-team can continue the amazing work they have started during last year! From april 2019 to april 2020 you guys donated the amazing amount of 273€ I would like to thank each and everyone that donated - we couldn't have done anything without you (literally)! A lot of expenses were made during 2019, but thanks to your donations we managed to only end up with a loss of roughly 40€, despite getting a VPS to secure our own data and not have to rely on someones private server. We upgraded our forums with the "pages-module" to replace our web site, making it easier to manage - as well as fully GDPR compliant. We cut some costs by changing the domain name registrar which also gave us an extra year renewal. So basically we spent a lot of money this year, since we had it, and hopefully the expenses next year will be lower as a result of that. Again - we are fully dependent on your donations to our community. And if you feel that you can spare a euro or two, all the information is available here: https://vatsim-scandinavia.org/about/donations/ Attached is the financial report we are required to present to show that all income is used towards keeping our services alive. Again, thank you everyone! VATSCA-DonationsReports.pdf
  24. Sorry for the delay regarding this, it's beyond our control unfortunately. But the "new" constitution that was presented last year is now in effect from April 1st! https://vatsim-scandinavia.org/about/constitution-and-regulations/
  25. @Leo Flinkman Will have his first online session on EFHK_TWR on Thu 9th Apr 17-20z. All supporting ATC and pilots most appreciated!
  26. What do you mean? ENOS, ENSV, ENBD and ENOR all has different ICAO/FIR codes, which activates different sectors. However if we logon to ENOR_S_CTR which only covers from ENVA and south, it will still show the whole of Norway lighted up, since it can not differentiate on middle letters. only on ICAO/FIR codes.
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