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Jonas Bergenholz

Real atc audio Copenhagen kastrup 30/9-2016

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This recording is of real world operations at Copenhagen Kastrup.

The frequencies is departure 124.975 and later final 120.200(19:40) (Tower breaks in at the beginning)

The recording has UAE151 'Super' in it (15:25-end), and is just post the noon rush. There is some WX activity in the area, including southern Sweden, which makes for some interesting vectoring.

Like this UAE skycargo flight to DWC flying an quite alternate SIMEG8C xD:


https://www.dropbox.com/s/jcxrhcsql0stx2x/Cph 124 Og 120 Inkl 151.m4a?dl=0


Why post this in the pilot forums?

Well, the point is to give pilots some information about how these things happens in the real world counterpart. I know it would help me as an pilot :bandit:

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