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More Eurocontrol training material

Martin Loxbo

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Martin Loxbo

I just stumbled upon these:

Stabilised Approaches

This includes screenshots and video clips of a couple of simulator exercises (conducted in the Airosar FIR fictive airspace) with accompanying quiz questions. The style is quite similar to some of our training content so it can be useful to watch! They even managed to have appropriate accents for the pilots (BAW, DLH, SAS, JAT etc.) in the videos which I found quite funny. :)

Radar Skills Trainer

A web based simulator with a few predefined example scenarios for basic training, refresher training etc. Good for inspiration on how to setup Sweatbox exercises! (The simulator is Java based. You will probably have to add https://trainingzone.eurocontrol.int/ as a trusted site in the Java control panel in order to avoid the application being blocked.)

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