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Ground Radar plugin update

Juha Holopainen

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Juha Holopainen

As of today, version 1.1.2 is the current public release for the Ground Radar plugin. Anyone using version 1.1 or newer should see an update message box when starting EuroScope.

The main changes of version 1.1.1 from version 1.1 are:

  • Unique settings for each opened radar screen
  • Possibility to have airport-specific settings pre-defined
  • Stand assignment only possible for assumed and untracked aircraft
  • More options for the APP Window (view rotation, prediction lines, history dots, etc.)
  • Raw primary radar data display
  • Possibility to hide the ground mode track label to simulate a very basic system

Version 1.1.2 has just some minor fixes to 1.1.1

As this is the first time the update check feature introduced in version 1.1 is used, here's a short description about it:

The update can be either:

  • Recommended: In this case there's no deadline and the user's current version can still be used without any restrictions.
  • Mandatory with a deadline: In this case the message box will show the deadline if it hasn't passed yet. The current version can be used until then, but it's still recommended to update without delay.
  • Mandatory: The current version can not be used and (nearly) all plugin features will be blocked until it is updated. The same happens if a "mandatory with deadline" update is not done before the deadline.

Currently the update is just recommended so any previous version can still be used, but it will at some point become mandatory to have only one "official" version around. Easier for controller training and technical support.

The current version should eventually make its way to the sector file packages, but until that happens, the updated files are available at the URL specified in the update message box. The update package contains the plugin's current manual set, the plugin itself and those plugin data files that can be used globally. The update procedure is rather simple:

  1. Download the update package
  2. Copy the included plugin (dll) and data files (txt) to your plugin directory, overwriting the existing files. DO NOT delete any files.
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