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Christian Kovanen

Euroscope and Windows UTF-8 support

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Since moving to Windows 10 Insider edition fast ring, for reasons unrelated, I had modified some settings regarding languages to my liking as usual. At the time, I had also enabled UTF-8 support (Administrative language settings "Change system locale...") despite it being marked beta while being oblivious as to its effects on the applications I use. And for a while, everything was as usual, and I suspected nothing of it. However, it was at a time I wasn't too active as a controller as I had many other duties. Recently having started to control more, I noticed that none ANSI symbols on my keyboard or messages received did not display properly. After reinstalling Euroscope multiple times and searched for an answer for a considerable amount of time, finally today, I discovered the root of the issue, which was the Windows UTF-8 support.

tl;dr ES doesn't work properly with Windows UTF-8 support enabled (non ANSI symbols are not displayed properly).

Having written this, I have since also noticed Notepad2-mod has also started to work without having to switch the document type to UTF-8.

Christian Kovanen
Data Protection Officer


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