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Dragoljub Blagojevic

Aeroseum Meetup 2020

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Hello Everyone, I am wondering if anyone is willing to attend as ATC on the spot for the meetup in gothenburg 28/29 - 03 -2020? I apologize, the information and invite is in swedish. To summerize: 
Aeroseum is hosting the yearly Modell and Hobby fare in which ca 4.000 people (according to one of the organizers) attend. I am asking this as we as a community are invited to show the people some good time and our simulators. We want to know as well how many of you can attend in person on those specific dates and with what equipment. If you are able to take your laptop with you to control or even a PC, you are more than invited to do so. 

Best regards,

Flightsim Sweden

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