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Martin Stockzell

Changes to working description of DPO

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The working description of the DPO has been revised. This update is effective immediately.


5.5.4 Data Protection Officer

- Is an independent auxiliary department (assistant) appointed by the Director of VATSIM Scandinavia.

- Can't be the current Director, a current member of Board, or the Director of any department which controls or processes data (ie. Web Services Director).

- Works and makes decisions independently without any conflict of interest or outside influence.

- Informs and advises the staff who carry out processing on how to perform their duties in accordance with law.

- Monitors compliance with the GDPR and any EU/EEA member state data protection provisions.

- Conducts data protection impact assessments and monitors their performance pursuant to GDPR Art. 35.

- Advises and gives consent to Data Handling Policies - Handles any issues or requests by physical persons regarding Data Protection and Handling - Cooperates with relevant supervisory authorities pursuant to GDPR Art. 51.

- Handles any other tasks required by law, pursuant to GDPR Art. 39 and any EU/EEA member state data protection provisions.


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