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TopSky plugin 2.3.1

Juha Holopainen

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Juha Holopainen


The TopSky plugin is based on Thales Group's ATM system of the same name. It is a comprehensive package including:

  • Custom tag items and functions, windows and menus
  • Safety nets (AIW, APW, MSAW and STCA)
  • MTCD and SAP
  • Hoppie CPDLC integration
  • Weather radar overlay
  • ...and a lot more

Due to the number of features, some study of the documentation is required, especially for people creating new setups as some plugin features require setting up data files to work properly.

Download link

https://vats.im/TopSkyPlugin (link to OneDrive folder containing the latest version, older version(s) available in the Archive folder)

Package contents

The package contains the plugin dll, its manual set, a version history document showing an outline of changes between plugin versions and two data files that can be used with any setup.

Note: The TopSkyCallsigns.txt data file may need to be edited as it contains a relative path to the ICAO_Airlines.txt data file. Instead of pointing to another file, the file can also be set up to contain the callsign data as it did before.


To create a new setup, refer to the Developer Guide for information on the required and recommended EuroScope settings, the most important plugin settings and the various plugin data files.

To update an existing setup, overwrite the old files with the new ones - see also the above note about editing the callsigns data file. For users of prepared setups, only minor changes to the settings to suit personal preferences are recommended. The personal settings should be entered into the TopSkySettingsLocal.txt file. Refer to the developer documentation on what can be changed and how.

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