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[22 Oct 17-19Z] Landvetter Tower S2 Check - Felix Jonsson

Hakan Schulz

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Hakan Schulz


@Felix Jonsson is up for his S2 Tower Controller check at Landvetter Tower (ESGG)
Thursday 22th of October, 17.00z - 19.00z.

Come and fly Göteborg-Landvetter to help Felix and give him a little bit of challenge at Landvetter Tower.
VFR as well as IFR traffic is most welcome. :)

Please, find further information to plan your flight at:
Airport Information  |  Pilot Charts

Warm welcome !

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Hakan Schulz

@Felix Jonsson passed his S2 check at Landvetter Tower this evening providing really excellent ATC.

Please, join me in congratulating Felix to his new rating !

Also many thanks to all pilots that visited Landvetter this evening and supporting ATC
@Edward Kjellen at Göteborg Control and @Felix Holmertz at Sweden Control. :)

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Arvid Hansson

Stort Grattis!

Arvid Hansson | 1162891 | I3/SUP

Deputy Training Assistant Sweden

VATSIM Network Supervisor

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