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Discord Access Troubleshooting

Daniel Lange

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Daniel Lange

After we introduced the new VATSIM Bot into our Discord, some of you might have noticed all access to channels have suddenly disappeared. This is because you need to re-verify your account with us.

Q: I'm not a part of VATSIM Scandinavia Discord at all, how do I join?
You can then join normally through our invite link here. You'll be messaged by VATSIM Bot with instructions on how to verify your account.

Q: I am a part of VATSCA Discord, but I lost all my access?
Log in here: https://community.vatsim.net/ click on 'Joined Servers' and 'Edit Username'. Choose how you want your name to display on our server and click Confirm. You should then be verified.


Q: I've accessed the community site, but it's all blank like this
To fix this, try to access https://community.vatsim.net/auth/discord/login directly in the browser. Discord might prompt you to login again. This should resolve the issue.

Q: I'm verified, but have no access to country specific channels?
Check out #role-selection channel, and follow the instructions listed there. You can select which roles you want and which countries to access.

Q: I'm changing my username on the VATSIM Community Site, but I still don't get any access or roles?
In most cases, you've linked the wrong Discord account. This is because you for some reason have duplicate accounts. In this case, you probably were logged into the wrong Discord account in your browser (not App, if you use that), and then logged into VATSIM Community with that account instead.

You can only link your VATSIM account to one Discord account. This can be solved in three ways:
A : Log into your correct Discord account that is linked in the App and use that instead, or if that's not possible;
B : Log into your correct Discord account that is linked in the browser, and leave the server and try linking the correct account again
C : Contact Web Department so we can kick out the incorrect account, so you can link the correct account again. Provide the nametag and #number of your incorrect account. When relinking the account, log into https://community.vatsim.net/ with incognito mode in your browser to make sure you log into the correct account.

Q: I'm still having issues with access.
Contact Web Department

Daniel Lange
Web Services Director

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