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[8 Nov, 17-20z]VATSIM First Wings

Martin Tornberg (1069087)

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Martin Tornberg (1069087)

On 8 November between 17-20z, VATSIM is yet again hosting a "First Wings" event where new pilots are encouraged to join in and learn more and to experience the online environment.

This time we will host this event together with VATSIM UK and VATSIM Germany. The idea is to have multiple divisions at the same time to spread out the traffic load. 

From our side we will be featuring ENGM, EKCH and ESSA.

If you are able to attend to this event, please sign up here. 

Just a friendly reminder:

Most people will naturally be beginners. This expects a higher level of patience and understanding from you. Many of these people have never dared to log onto the network or use voice, how you act and meet them will most likely determine if they will continue or VATSIM or shy away. Be a good ambassador!

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Lukas Agerskov (1226374)

EKCH_DEL: @Jakob Ek Jensen

EKCH_GND: @Frederik Rosenberg

EKCH_C_TWR: @Soeren Juul

EKCH_TWR: @Thomas Broegger

EKCH_APP: @Daniel Andersen 

EKDK_CTR: @Simon Larsen

S2 students, please go to moodle and familiarize yourself with your positions thru the "Self-Briefings" especially @Thomas Broegger since it is your first event, adjacent to C_TWR and @Soeren Juul since you may not be familiar with that position completely yet.


If you wish to change during the event feel free, especially the S2s since you can swap more or less as you like on the ground.


Positions are already booked!


Have a nice event 


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