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ATC request in week 43

Peter Toft (1280555)

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Peter Toft (1280555)

Hello all, 

This year a danish set of pilots will gather together in a fullsize 737 simulator and fly it around the world. But before WF, which is from the 7th to the 13th of November, the team is going to have som training trips in and out of Copenhagen. Therefore there has been made a ATC request for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in week 43 (this week). 

The timeframe for the four days is:

Departure out of EKCH is 17:00 local time, and returning around 22:20 local time. 

If anyone is able to help out just a few hours in the next four days, go ahead and book in CC :) 

You can read more about the whole thing in this article: https://check-in.dk/jorden-rundt-i-boeing-737-simulator/


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