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[9 Nov, 16-23z] Staffing - World Flight 2022

Gunnar Gudm (1423573)

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Gunnar Gudm (1423573)

Hello all,

World Flight 2022 is approaching and BIKF and BGBW were selected as a part of the route.


BIKF - Arr. time 18:20z - Dep. time 19:00z

We'll need to staff BIKF up fully, 1-2 BIRD sectors and we'll try to staff on BICC position as well to deal with OCL.

BGBW - Arr. time 21:20z - Dep. time 22:00z

It's yet to be confirmed if we'll staff up BGBW do to the role it plays in WF.

BGBW is the challenge airport so it will be extremely hectic and very likely many go-arounds and possibly crashes.

So AFIS or BGGL will probably just be in the way and it would be easier for pilots to deal with things on UNICOM if we present them in a nice que out of BIKF that we have proved many times we can do well.

We'll at least staff 1-2 BIRD sectors, that hands traffic over to Gander and then they over to UNICOM.


Further details will come in the coming days.

Please sign up here below to be put on the roster, hope to see you all :)

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Gunnar Gudm (1423573)

@Andri Bjorn Ragnarsson (1518589) @Thomas Broegger (1447687) @Teodor-Gabriel Petrica (1427633) @Óskar Berenguer (1344329) @Gunnar Ingi Briem (814732)



Hello all, sorry for the short notice

The first version of the roster is here above and if anyone sees it best to staff another position please do so.


World Flight consist of a few teams that should be given some sort of priority over the other traffic flying along.

VATCAN have provided a Event ID for the plugin that we've used so the teams will be marked with EVT on their tag.

Event ID: PPOVi


If there are any more questions pleas fell free to ask, see you in a few hours.

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Roster v2
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