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[18-19 Nov, ca. 01-03z] ATC Request - Kangerlussuaq (BGSF)

Gunnar Gudm (1423573)

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Gunnar Gudm (1423573)

Hello all,


VAC (Virtual Air Canada) are planning a group flight from Gander (CYQX) to Kangerlussuaq (BGSF).

They plan to depart on Friday (18 Nov) at 23z.

The flight should be 2:30 to 3 hours so they would be arriving around 0200z (19 Nov) then a quick "Ryanair" style 30 min turnaround to return back.


BIRD_W1 (S1)




If you're available and would like to staff Greenland for a bit, please book your position in CC.



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