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[11 Feb] Cross the Land Westbound 2023 - EKCH Staffing

Lukas Agerskov (1226374)

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Lukas Agerskov (1226374)

Cross the Land is upon us, and Copenhagen is part of that. It is a privilege to be able to attend these big events, and the more successful we are, the more likely it is we get chosen for the next one, so we need a nice amount of staffing for this. 

As we are arrival airport we would need: 

EKCH_A_GND: Self-explanatory

EKCH_A_TWR: Handling arrivals

EKCH_C_TWR: Handling departures as well as funnelling arrivals to proper sites.

EKCH_W_APP: The arrival routes will go via TIDVU and MONAK most likely, with MONAK route being re-routed to the other side of the airport for better flow management, hence EKCH_W_APP is also needed. 

EKCH_E_APP: Arrivals from TIDVU

EKCH_F_APP: Merge them

EKDK_B_CTR: Covering MONAK arrivals, as well as a departures.

(EKDK_V_CTR) This position would not be included in the event to EKCH but is needed due to all the enroute traffic to ENBR which will go via EKDK, so if you prefer this position, say the word.


Meaning, we need around 10 controllers as a minimum average, evenly distributed.

Timeframe is not yet confirmed, but is expected to be between: around 15z-21z, based on the timeslots from previous years. If you are only available some of the event, still please sign up, as some may be available in the beginning, and some at the end. Briefings and Staffing will be produced! 


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Viktor Espenhain (1563351)

Able S2 untill 2100z

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Morten Jelle (1012739)

Able C3, prefer not to be on APP. 

Edited by Morten Jelle (1012739)

Morten Jelle
VATSIM Network Supervisor - Team Lead

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