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[22 Jan] 17z-21z EDDF-EKCH City shuttle - Staffing

Lukas Agerskov (1226374)

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Lukas Agerskov (1226374)

It appears we have a city shuttle event on 22nd of January, Please sign up for staffing below.

We need as many as possible, so do not hesitate! 











Meaning at least 10 controllers on average

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Gavin Peter Møller-Jensen (1546788)

S2 available full event

Edited by Gavin Peter Møller-Jensen (1546788)
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Lukas Agerskov (1226374)

Also probably able

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Lukas Agerskov (1226374)

Staffing is attached below. Its a bit different, as the event is only 4 hours long, and it would be good to have as many positions as possible.

Therefore we are trying out a new system for these medium timed events. after your shift there is a number that signifies who to change with. @Martin Thorsteinsson (1338009) is the first, as his position will be closed, and then everybody continues until @Thomas Broegger (1447687) is the last and opens a new position. 

There is no timeframe, meaning that take the time you need, if you need to go to the bathroom, have another cup of coffee or something. If there is no holdup, then feel free to relieve next controller right away.

@Martin Thorsteinsson (1338009) the time to start this is marked at 1845z but feel free to do it a bit earlier (1835-1840) so as to optimize. ideally we want the switch more or less complete around 1920z.


Any questions or comments, let me know




Notes on the briefing


@Thomas Broegger (1447687) a lot of stuff will come on the east side, so keep talks with EKDK to funnel traffic to EKCH_W_APP if needed

@Simon Larsen (1396173) and @Frederik Rosenberg (1401649) EKDK_D is only, in order so that you ONLY have to be concerned with event traffic (you get inbound and outbound)

@Torben Andersen (861112) EKDK_D will not be a part of the event, techinacally, but I am quite convinced that there will be PLENTY of other traffic in and out, and remember you control TESPI and TUDLO as well. 

@Gavin Peter Møller-Jensen (1546788) and @Viktor Espenhain (1563351), try to do flow management if you at all can, as to not get too much chaos. I will help you as good as I can. 



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