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[01 Apr] Cross the Pond Westbound 2023 - EKCH Staffing

Lukas Agerskov (1226374)

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Lukas Agerskov (1226374)

Its time for cross the pond, and as we in Copenhagen are selected for departure airfield we need to staff up. 

Having flown at the last one, and sitting front row seat to when things goes to chaos at a departure airport, we need all hands on deck to ensure everything goes smoothly.

The event is somewhere in the region of 10z-15z.

Please state below if you are available, positions prefered, and time availability. We optimally need 13 positions staffed, so we need optimally 15 controllers


The initial thoughts on positions are gonna be: 

EKCH_DEL - Giving clearances to all traffic as well as assisting EKCH_S_GND

EKCH_S_GND - The event manager, who will be in control of the event, manage startup times, and assign CTOTs to non-event traffic. If you are interested in being one of the event managers, then please write.

EKCH_D_GND - In charge of GND, possibly with a split with A_GND

EKCH_A_GND - Potentially to ease traffic from EKCH_D_GND

EKCH_C_TWR - making sure all the event traffic is sequenced in their intended order.

EKCH_D_TWR - Making sure all traffic departs precisely

EKCH_A_TWR - Non-Event position but needed to offload the other two towers who will be busy with event traffic. Will be made event in case of 22R/22L operation due to cargo apron.

EKCH_W_DEP - Self-Explanatory

(Non-Event) EKCH_W_APP - Non-Event position but needed to offload the departure frequency

EKDK_B_CTR - Climbing of event traffic

(non-CPH) EKDK_V_CTR - Enroute Traffic.

(non-CPH) EKDK_N_CTR - Enroute Traffic.

(non-CPH) EKDK_S_CTR - Enroute Traffic.


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Morten Jelle (1012739)

Able C3

Morten Jelle
VATSIM Network Supervisor - Team Lead

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