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    The board of VATSIM Scandinavia has elected @Kobi Lecornu as the new Director of Reykjavik CTA. Congratulations to Kobi and thanks to everyone who were interested in the role! Also a big thank you to @Miska Jokinen for his years of dedication to our community! Kobi and Miska will do a formal handover during the coming days to make sure that the transition is as smooth as possible.
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    I just noticed it's been a while ago we updated our members on what's going on in the Web Services. Even though it might not seem like it on the surface, we're working like ants in the background The progress of SANTA (new training system) is proceeding well, as always we're all working on this in our free time and on a volunteer basis, so the activity level varies a lot from month to month, especially as some have been busy with exams and similar the last weeks. We've now come to a such stage in the development that we're ready to announce some dates! We will conduct first more comprehensive internal testing of the system as a while on 26th of June within the Web Team, this will probably discover a lot of bugs that needs squashing before our next test with Training Director & Assistants scheduled for 11th of July. This will then be followed by a alpha release in start of August. The alpha release will be a gradual recruitment process where we will allow more and more mentors to start using the system while we measure how it performs and fix what needs to be fixed - this way we avoid a "big bang" if everyone would start using it simultaneously and things break for everyone. On a another note, we're soon ready to release our new Booking system for VATSCA that will be used to book slots at many kind of events. This will replace our old booking system for those of you who are familiar with that. The new booking system will make it for sure easier to create slots for events we couldn't before, but we really needed (FSS? ) We just need a bit more time to finish a update to Handover (our central login system) first which introduces the new VATSIM Connect login instead of SSO. You might already have experienced this different and new looking login from Vatsim if you've booked position at CTL or CTP recently. Oh and since last update from us, you probably noticed we got a new homepage that is integrated with the forums! I think that's all of the recent update from the Web Services! Feel free to ask questions if you've any, and enjoy the summer! ☀
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    Beta 13 is available (attached) Main changes from beta 12: Bug fixes to Maps data file loading (shouldn't complain about multiple ACTIVE lines anymore) Bug fix to DSQ code (prevents a CTD so either use this version or don't use DSQ) Change to how disconnected tracks' data is saved, now re-applying/assuming works at least in my test setup Route draw toggle code adjusted Plugin update check URL changed (in all older versions the update check will start failing at some point in August as the previous URL will stop working) TopSky221b13.zip
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    Do you like flying VFR? So do we! We (Some swedish VFR enthusiasts) invite you to take your favourite aircraft for a spin around Göteborg, Where Sweden's second largest airport, Landvetter ESGG is located. Top quality service will be offered at Landvetter ESGG, Säve ESGP and Trollhättan ESGT. Maybe visit uncontrolled Borås ESGE, Allingsås ESGI or Öresten ESGM. Among many others! Experience the beautiful Swedish west coast, Feskekörka, low and slow, in Swedish, English! Don't forget your charts, being especially important when flying VFR! Free Aeronautical charts here (Direct link to chart) Airport Charts VFR-Guide (in swedish) Swedish VFR Weather Low Level Forecast
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    @Oliver Gruetzmann, sadly the crash dumps do not point to any plugin code. I've forwarded the dumps to Gergely, perhaps he can see if the crash was due to EuroScope, and if not, then which one of the plugins... @Matisse VanWezer, as the manual (General part, Appendix 1) says, most of the mode S items are blank as the information is not available in the network data. Even the DRC item is just the calculated value as no downlinked value is available. The only one of the mode S items that actually shows a downlinked value is DHDG. Perhaps the data will be available in the future, who knows, but for now most of the items act like no data is received -> blank. The route draw was changed to be automatically removed after a specific time if no tag was shown. This was done to avoid getting routes stuck on the screen if for some reason the flight was removed from the list, for example by another controller logging on in that airspace. The timer would automatically refresh when a detailed tag was drawn to keep the route displayed. Looks like I need to figure out another way to get around this issue.
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    (from a PM) From what I can gather, the aircraft in question arrived to EDDM and then filed a new flightplan to EDDF using the same callsign. Assuming it didn't disconnect from the network at any point, the bug is due to the code not dealing well with an aircraft changing its destination without disconnecting once an automatic stand assignment is already done. Whether the destination is changed while in flight or after landing, the result with the current code is the same; a stand assignment will only be automatically cleared by the aircraft disconnecting. I'll see if I can slip in a check for a changed destination somewhere, but for now a new stand assignment must be manually triggered in these situations.
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    Based on some testing, it would seem that when the plugin is notified of a track disconnecting by EuroScope, the flightplan data and information whether the track was assumed or not are already lost, so the code had nothing to save anymore. I've tested a workaround which saves the data with each position update, and it seems to work at least in a test setup. The downside is the additional code being run - the data being saved for all assumed tracks on each position update rather than just when an assumed track actually disconnects - but with all the recent performance improvements in the code, I think I can live with this setback.
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    This is tomorrow! Forecast looks good ceilingwise. ESGG TAF: 261730Z 2618/2718 VRB02KT CAVOK PROB40 2712/2714 SCT050CB PROB40 2714/2717 TSRA BKN050CB=
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    From the dev manual: You can add or change items based on the state (for example, NFL while inbound your sector, XFL when tracked).
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    Thread locked. Please use english in the open forums. And for instructions, refer to the pretty simple instructions found - or connect to the Discord for more informal stuff!
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    Again, for the Finnish setup, beta-specific settings and data files are available (attached, no changes since beta 12). The package contains an updated Lists settings file (updated DEP list definition) as well as some plugin data files (contain some items won't understand). They should only be used with this beta version or later. None of them are mandatory but at least the lists file is recommended to make the DEP list look as it should. BetaFiles_FI_TopSky.zip
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    Congratulations for passing your checkout Oskari!
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    Another new controller for Finland, congrats Oskari for passing the CPT!
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    @Oliver Gruetzmann, Gergely could not debug the crash dumps as he had already moved on to newer code. Please use the new EuroScope beta r25, hopefully we'll have better luck with that if the crash happens again.
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    For the third time now, RG Munich and VATSIM Scandinavia cordially invite you to a city shuttle from southern Germany to Scandinavia or vice versa. After the cities of Copenhagen and Stockholm, the shuttle will take place this time between Oslo (ENGM) and Munich (EDDM). On Sunday, June 14th, 2020, not only the "Airport Oslo-Gardermoen" and the "Franz Josef Strauß" Airport Munich will be staffed for you from 1600z (18:00 lcl) until 2100z (23:00 lcl), but as well we will endeavor to ensure full ATC coverage throughout the route. Both cities have their own royal castle, which is now owned by the state. However, both the royal couple of Norway still have the right to live in the royal castle of Oslo, and the current Duke Franz of Bavaria has limited right to live in the Bavarian castle Nymphenburg. Whilst for the Nymphnburg castle, which served as a birthday present for the long-awaited heir to the throne, Max Emanuel, no expense or effort has been spared, there had been a discussion about the financing of the 200 years later constructed castle in Oslo. Because of that the once planned side wings of the castle couldn’t be build. So get ready to go and enjoy this unique flight - whether from north to south or vice versa. The controllers are looking forward to numerous inbounds and outbounds at the two courts. The following routes are highly recommended for the event: ENGM-EDDM: VIPPA DCT GITER DCT BUMIL DCT EMBOX DCT SODRO T703 LULAR T105 EXUSI EDDM-ENGM: INPUD Y102 UPALA M726 LASGA DCT LARET DCT GITER DCT GOTEX Z731 SABAK L997 LUNIP Freeware-Sceneries-EDDM: FSX (Nov 2018, 3.4MB) FSX/P3D (Feb 2018, 1.2MB) XPlane Airport EDDM (May 2018, 6.5MB) München-VFR (May 2017, 195MB) Unfortunately until now, there is no freeware scenery, that contains the new general aviation apron. Freeware-Sceneries-ENGM: FSX/P3D XPlane (Dec 2016, 16MB) Freeware-Sceneries-ENGM: FSX/P3D XPlane (Dec 2016, 16MB)
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    Found a discepancy between lists. UAE 35Q Is on Stand 113X (I put headings into the stand definition). The Stands List has that correctly, the departure list sees it on stand 113A. EDIT: Those Stands overlap, laterally, the aircraft is on both of them. STAND:EDDM:113A COORD:N048.21.08.235:E011.46.58.696 COORD:N048.21.08.422:E011.47.01.048 COORD:N048.21.08.659:E011.47.01.011 COORD:N048.21.08.491:E011.46.58.661 HEADING:070:10 CALLSIGN:AFL:EZY:UAE:SXS:SXD:TUI NOTCALLSIGN:GROUP_EDDM_STARALLIANCE PRIORITY:1 USE:A STAND:EDDM:113X COORD:N048.21.08.849:E011.46.58.494 COORD:N048.21.08.417:E011.46.58.444 COORD:N048.21.08.339:E011.47.00.949 COORD:N048.21.08.773:E011.47.00.908 HEADING:093:5 NOTCALLSIGN:GROUP_EDDM_STARALLIANCE PRIORITY:1 USE:A
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