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    This is one of our latest feedback, thank you, for taking the time to send this invaluable information god knows what we would do without it.
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    Please, join me in congratulating @Robin Elfwing who passed his S2 Tower check at Landvetter Tower with excellent and professional handling of a lot of traffic. Thanks for supporting ATC @Edward Yousef @Daniel Korzhavy @Thomas Ljung and @Marvin Juzwiak and many thanks to all pilots that joined and visited ESGG.
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    Hi guys! This is my modification of the Denis Ahola's GSX profile (https://www.inibuilds.com/gsx-finland) for the Aerosoft Mega Airport Helsinki. Changes: - Noseloader jetways on stands 12 to 31 have been changed from glass to corrugated, to represent the IRL jetways better - Noseloader jetways on stands 32 to 35 have been replaced with "normal" glass jetways. This is for two reasons: 1. Because GSX level 2 doesn't come with noseloader jetways that would fit to heavy stands, 2. Because within the new terminal stands are equipped with this type of jetway. -Jetways on stands 36 to 38 have been modified in the same way as on stands 32 to 35, but this time I added second jetway (since most of the new stands in Helsinki have two jetways). Here's some pics for y'all: Installation: Download the original GSX profile from iniBuilds site (https://www.inibuilds.com/gsx-finland) and install it strictly following the instructions. When you are done, replace the given .ini file with the one that's on this post (efhk-hziioe.ini). After this, you should be good to go. Addressed issues: - When parking to stands 32-38, you need to stop little bit earlier than what the GSX marshaller instructs you. This is because otherwise the further jetway can't maneuver itself to the first door. - Jetways on stands 32-38 tend to go through some objects within the scenery. - This does not actually represent the old, or the current situation in Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, it's more of a hybrid version between them. Hope this made your flying in Helsinki more enjoyable! efhk-hziioe.ini
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    After having flown with the TBM around in central Europe, I have experienced that there is quite alot of smaller airports missing, even controlled ones. I have been working on adding new data to vatspy and this new file includes 1183 new airfields (excluding heliports) in Europe + Greenland. Data is gathered from EuroControl. -- further updated file in post below -- This is the data added regarding FIR's in VATSCA.
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    VATSIM-Scandinavia is inviting you to fly into one of the world's newest airport, the first commercial flight arrived on 22 December. The airport is situated in the middle of Sweden next to the border of Norway. Bring your ski equipment and go downhill, rent a snowmobile or simply go for a hike. Join us on Friday 27 March for a fun Friday evening of flying and exploring what the area and nature has to offer. You can either fly your favorite airline into here or why not rent a Cessna or Piper and explore the beautiful nature in the north. Since this airport doesn't exist in the simulator by default, in order to participate you need to install one of the following versions to your simulator: Freeware P3D/FSX | Freeware X-Plane | P3Dv4 ORBX Payware Charts
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    Services are now back online The forums are now moved to https://vatsim-scandinavia.org/forums. https://forum.vatsim-scandinavia.org/ will also redirect to the domain so all links in Facebook posts and so on will still work. If you find any outdated content, please reach out to the person in charge of the page. Let us know if you have any issues. Regards, Web team
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    Opening the ground state menu from the label menu can probably be done without causing any issues, I'll have a look.
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    This Thursday will be a show in Finland. In addition to Helsinki tower, radar AND control being online, we will also have coverage in Oulu as @Otto Juntunen will have a training session in EFOU_TWR!
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    Next Thursday the 9th at 17-20z Paavo Ojala will have another training session on EFHK_APP. There will also be training on EFIN and TWR, so expect great service in Helsinki and throughout Finland. Welcome!
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    My bad. It was much more than EURM, but its all resolved now! VATSpy.dat
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    VATSIM Scandinavia only source of income is from generous donations from all of you. Every euro we receive goes towards keeping our services up and running, and also during 2019 to upgrade and secure them so that our brilliant Web-team can continue the amazing work they have started during last year! From april 2019 to april 2020 you guys donated the amazing amount of 273€ I would like to thank each and everyone that donated - we couldn't have done anything without you (literally)! A lot of expenses were made during 2019, but thanks to your donations we managed to only end up with a loss of roughly 40€, despite getting a VPS to secure our own data and not have to rely on someones private server. We upgraded our forums with the "pages-module" to replace our web site, making it easier to manage - as well as fully GDPR compliant. We cut some costs by changing the domain name registrar which also gave us an extra year renewal. So basically we spent a lot of money this year, since we had it, and hopefully the expenses next year will be lower as a result of that. Again - we are fully dependent on your donations to our community. And if you feel that you can spare a euro or two, all the information is available here: https://vatsim-scandinavia.org/about/donations/ Attached is the financial report we are required to present to show that all income is used towards keeping our services alive. Again, thank you everyone! VATSCA-DonationsReports.pdf
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    All answers to direct-to downlinks are done using the NPT menu, see plugin manual chapter 4.14
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    Sounds like I've added stuff to the window without remembering to increase the window area accordingly, I'll fix that. As a reminder to everyone, the ability to send these manually composed free text messages is intended for situations where the plugin fails to parse a downlink correctly leaving no other way to answer it. Any clearances uplinked using this method will not be displayed in the track labels and the responsibility for composing an understandable message lies with the controller typing it.
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    Hello pilots! It's time for another checkout in Finland. On Thurstday 26th of March at 18-21z (20-23 local) it's @Arttu Uusi-Kyyny's time to show his skills to the examiner. As always, there will be a nice amount of supporting ATC at EFHK and Helsinki Control will be taking care of ATC services in the rest of Finland. Obiously all traffic be it GA hops with Cessna or longhaul with your favourite heavy will recieve warm welcome and be accomodated with excellent ATC services. See you there. Briefing | Charts
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    Hi Juha, currently having the problem, that I can not send "free text" as an answer via CPDLC to pilots (Current Msgs), as the "send"-button is free in space (can not reach it - window closes automaticly). Already talked to other ATC who have same issues. Will send a screenshot if needed. Didn't make one yet. Thanks for your great work
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    Adding aircraft type and category filters based on icao_aircraft data probably isn’t much work.
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    Incorrect. They're just aliases and can be changed to suit local phraseology: Whether a plugin can utilise these aliases I'm not sure of, though.
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    I have added the rest of the world now including 3199 new airfields in North/South America and Pacific + 2139 new airfields in Africa, Asia, Russia and Australia. Again excluding heliports. Including the update from yesterday there is now a total of 6521 new airfields imported in VATSpy, this may cause to some duplications somewhere if an airport have changed an ICAO code, however I do not think it will be much of an issue. I will include the FIRBoundaries file here aswell so both files are located in the same post, but there is no further changes in it from the file I made 17th February. FIRBoundaries.dat VATSpy.dat
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    The problem here is that "ENGM STARS RWY 19" is not a plugin map, but a sector file item (with possibly some map elements like texts and symbols added). The sector file items are present in the maps window to make it possible to toggle them on/off without having to go to the ES display settings. For some reason it's not possible for plugins to query the display state of sector file items, only to set them on or off, and that's why they're always grey in the list (the plugin doesn't know if the item is displayed or not). I may end up changing the maps code so that the sector file items are converted into actual plugin maps so that all maps in the window would behave the same, but haven't decided on that yet as I'm pretty sure ES is much more efficient at drawing the items than the plugin, and no matter how big a font I'd use in the documentation to emphasize avoiding plugin maps for big/complex drawings, many would miss that and then be unimpressed by the slowness when panning and zooming the screen.
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    VATEUD is proud to announce the European Overload event, which will take place on Sunday, 29th March from 1300z until 1800z. During this time, all European VACCs will come online to light up the european skies, staffing fully at least one airport each so you can fly to any place you want to visit under full ATC coverage! Keep an eye on the European Division Twitter so you know which airports will be fully staffed. We hope to see you there! Do you think we can smash any previous connection records on the network?
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    VATSIM-Scandinavia and the Danish controllers would like to welcome you for Sunday 22nd March for a fabulous day of flying in and out of EKCH. With over 300 flights to choose from, there is plenty of opportunities for you to find your favorite set of flights. Between 14-22z Copenhagen-Kastrup will be fully staffed and the controllers are looking forward to give you excellent ATC service during the event. All departure and arrival flights shows off-block time in Zulu. For the departures you will find which gate you should use and arrival flights show expected gate upon arrival. We would like to remind you to bring your charts and also to have a look at our briefing page for Copenhagen airport. Bookings | Briefing and Charts
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    It's likely a false alarm. I'll check and adjust the code to work properly.
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    Beta 11 includes some changes to the squawk allocation logic. For IFR GAT flights eligible for the mode S conspicuity code, it will be assigned when there is no current ASSR, or the current ASSR is a discrete code. If the current ASSR is the mode S conspicuity code, a discrete code will be assigned. By default a VFR flight will always get a discrete code, but a specific "VFR mode S conspicuity" code may be set up using the "Airspace_ModeS_Code_VFR" setting.
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    This year's westbound edition of CTP it has been decided to apply with EFHK. If you have thoughts or feedback, send an e-mail to event department.
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