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    After almost exactly one year of development, we're pleased to finally announce the public (open beta) release of Control Center (aka. SANTA)! The Control Center might not seem as a huge change if you're just a student, but it surely will be quite a difference for all our staff and efficiency. Migrating such a large and complex system is no small task, and therefore this will be done in steps we announce now in advance: Thursday 24.09 2000z TAS will no longer accept new training requests for approx. 2 weeks. Friday 25.09 1800z TAS will be closed. We ask all mentors to do their necessary updates before this time. Saturday 26.09 During the day Control Center opens for everyone, and is ready to be used! We'd like to emphasise that a open beta means that there will be bugs and issues, and we hope you understand that some unexepected downtime and maintenance might be performed in the beta period to rule out problems as soon as we can. I'd like to give a special thank you to @Gustav Kauman who has lead this project with me, and @Christian Kovanen and @Henrik Sonstebo for their input and contributions as well. We're by all means not finished, but this is a huge milestone to finally replace our old training system TAS. Fun fact, if we release saturday 26.06 as planned, we'd have used 362 days on this project
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    @Otto Suhonen has decided that he would like to step down from his role as Training Assistant Finland. On the other hand, @Eemil Helynen have said himself willing to step up as Otto's successor. There will now be a transition period where Otto and Eemil will run things together. Thanks to Otto for his great job and dedication over the last few years!
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    If anyone else wants to choose size of EuroScopes windows to accomplish something like this screencap and don't mind spending $35... read below I'm currently going through S2 training and have found it hard to make full use of my wide screen monitor(3440x1440) given the very limited options for resizing in EuroScope. This morning I decided to try out a program called "Virtual Display Manager", found here: https://www.ishadow.com/ VDM let's you create virtual monitors with the height and width you want and run your apps maximized in one of them. Although the program did fool all other windows programs(except fullscreen ones, like games etc) it wouldn't trick EuroScope. I reached out to the developers hoping they could provide me with some information that could make me code an app that togheter with VDM would be able to deal with EuroScope as well. But they did something even better.... They got back to me in less than 8 hours with a fix and a youtube demo: VDM can be evaluated for 15 days free of charge. To do that with support for EuroScope prior to the next release you need to: 1. Download VDM from ishadow.com 2. Download the evaluation license file. 3. Run the .reg file attached to this post (open it in notepad first, don't trust strangers to edit your windows registry) 4. Done! You can now run EuroScope in "Full" window mode but have it take up only the portion of the screen you want it too. regards, Alexander EuroScopeVDM.reg
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    There will be some changes in the Norwegian part of the Training Department. @Kacper Kosiorek and @Adrian Bjerke will be switching roles, so Kacper will continue as Training Assistant and Adrian will step down to Deputy Training Assistant. This will be a fluid transition and operations will continue as normal.
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    Come and fly to Norway tonight! Tonight between 17 and 19z, Per Kristian will be set on a test to prove he is worth the C1 rating. Come fly in and out of the airspace of ENOS_CTR during the checkout! ENOS is covering the major hub in Norway, Oslo Gardermoen (ENGM) and the regional airports, Kristiansand Kjevik (ENCN) and Sandefjord Torp (ENTO). If you're up for a challenge, why not fly from Gullknapp (ENGK) or Notodden (ENNO), witch is airports with no ATC service, only flight information service. The checkout will start on Tuesday, 22nd of September 1700z. See you on frequency! Charts: https://ais.avinor.no/en/AIP/ Briefing & Scenery ENGM: https://vatsim-scandinavia.org/pilots/airports-charts/airport/engm/
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    Hello pilots! It is time for yet another checkout in Finland, as @Roope Karha gets to prove his examiner that he has got the required skills to become a qualified air traffic controller! You're all welcome to fly in and out of Helsinki (EFHK) with excellent supporting service covering the whole country! Why not try some relaxing VFR around the city of Helsinki? Or a short IFR hop to Lapland? Briefing | Charts
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    The results in those cases are also actually as expected - the missing schedules are too distant in the future to be taken into account. Any schedules or their subparts entirely outside [currentday-1] to [currentday+7] will be skipped as irrelevant to reduce the number of activation schedules the plugin needs to check.
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    I will support on ESMM-5. Hope to see Göteborg and Stockholm manned as well!
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