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  1. Hehe Typical Scandinavian people who says 110% all the time LOVE IT But yeah I could try to pitch my ideas to @Mats Edvin Aaro and maybe he could make some more ideas? If your not too hung up on the 5-hubs idea that is
  2. The idea of connecting the 5 hubs is not bad. But in my opinion it doesn't work . It's to big (the logo symbol), if you want to use it on all platforms. The text is not bad, try to have the same horizontal scale and size on both lines (vatsim and scandinavia) then you have an open room next to "vatsim". This is where our symbol/avatar should be placed. It should not add this much white-space. Remember that the main use of the logo is text documents in our case. If we wanted to build two/three version of the logo it does not matter. We could have a document logo, a web logo, and a presentation logo. ( Sidenote: I dont like the idea of FIR specific logos, We are ONE vACC and should not profile us as 5 different ones) For everyone watching this, don't think that the symbol presented here has to stay in that format for every setting. I have long thought about remaking the design-profile for vatsca, but it is a big process and it has to be original and easy to recognize even if it is only the symbol showing. And for some time now, I've wanted to make an avatar for our logo/brand instead of a symbol, an avatar that we can animate for presentations and have a more futuristic design. The avatar could be a nice little ATC robot (for ex), that can speak on animated presentations, jump up and down and celebrate whenever we get awards. I've wanted to make animated overlays and alerts for twitch/streaming platforms because more and more people are starting to stream when they are controlling/flying online. I have a lot of plans/wishes for the design, but things takes time and has to be done with 100% professionalism. A complete design-profile is not needed in my opinion, as this is not a company with strict guidelines on how the profile should be. We just need a coherent understanding to how we want to be viewed from the outside. Just remember not to rush with this change. If we have a designer/animator in our roster, contact me and we can look at some of my ideas together, then present it to the rest.
  3. Hello everyone There are some changes to our discord server, here is a list of the most important changes: - You will have to have a role of 'VATSIM Scandinavia Member' to see all the channels - To get this role, type your vatsim id in the #request channel, and a staff member will add the role to you when a manual check is done. (this will be a automated process later on) - Vatsim members that is not a member within our VACC will be given the role 'VATSIM Member' which will only be given rights to the "VATSIM Member category" - Visiting Controllers will be given the role 'Visiting Controller' and then have the same access as VATSIM Scandinavia Members. If you have a visiting controller rating with VATSIM Scandinavia, then you have to tell us about this in the #request channel. - When you have a scheduled training with a mentor, join the - WAITING ROOM - under Training department, and the mentor will then move you in the correct training channel when he/she is connected. (This is a restriction that is in place so that the trainings will no be disturbed by others. This might be changed later on) Invite link to discord: https://discord.gg/F8SHzZE
  4. Minor Author issue All pages that run php code has to be authored by an admin. Today we did some changes to previous admins, and forgot to edit the author on all pages. Author on all pages that was affected has been changed to Peter now Should be working fine.
  5. The teamspeak server has been moved to our database server which is a bit faster The new address to our teamspeak server is: TS.VATSIM-SCANDINAVIA.ORG (or ts.vatsca.org if you want a shorter one )
  6. I will move the teamspeak server in a couple of days and see if that helps the issue
  7. Now it's been online for soon two hours, so the fix works
  8. No, after the update we get a mysql database error. So I'm looking into a fix. But it halts after about 30 minutes. So it takes 30 minutes to see if my fix worked. I'l get back to you
  9. Update: The server is now updated to the lasted version and I can not see any more "hickups" on the server anymore. Please let me know if this is still an issue. We have another option if this is not fixed now
  10. I'm tagging @Peter Persson. Btw Peter, I've checked the load, and TS and mariaDB spikes every 2 minutes or so. not sure what the reason is.
  11. Longest title I've had though I will help wherever I'm needed, but I will try to portion out my free time to @Peter Persson and @Håvard Halvorsen hereafter
  12. I can't believe that he is taken away from us. It is too early! Rest in peace Thomas, I will be thinking about you every time I watch movies on Plex from now on.
  13. This link does the same work: https://stats.vatsim.net/conn_details_time.php?id=YOURCIDHERE&timeframe=6_months It calculates for you
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