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  1. Possible Bug When using A-version of plugin it is not possible to set dct to WPT/VOR/NDB by using the AHDG vector as stated in manual. Is this per design or is it a bug, as the manual on this point doesn't differentiate between A and B?
  2. Hi, I have another question. Would it be possible to add another varible or two for how squawk allocation is done? We would like to assign some squawks for MIL aircraft based on their category/type in addition to callsigns and bases. For instance fighters operating out out ENBO, or B412/NH90's operating out of ENDU and so on Maybe it could be possible to use the same logic as in the GRadar aircraft settings or ICAO_Aircraft files?
  3. Hi, I'm looking in the developers manual about the radar section. Does this take into account data from the ESE radar section in reagards to Radar holes?Could be a neat function, but if it superseedes the radar holes it's kind of a bummer
  4. Try to deselect unwanted airports from the "Active airports runway" window in ES. (runway selection window).
  5. BUG - Unable to check/uncheck "EOBT" in DEP List the settings menu in plugin. Able to set it via the settings file.
  6. Another suggestion/request in regards to Schengen. Today schengen is based on the country identifier in ICAO codes. EN, ES, EK and so on. Would be nice if we also could define airports ENSB is not part of schengen. although it is EN No high priority, but a nice to have
  7. Agreed, both here and in training and checkout forum
  8. Agreed, both here and in training and event forum
  9. Okey. First have you logged in with ES? And there are planes in the area? Not that it should matter, but is proxy running in euroscope?
  10. Okay. Do you get any aircraft showing at all? The white airbus? A lot of the older ai planes don't work with p3d v4. Read more about that on any AI site.
  11. Did you read the guide? VPilot, will not show up as a proxy unit. This is because you are connecting to ES as observer. Not through proxy. The part with localhost as server in vPilot is very old. Ross discontinued that option way before introducing the .towerview function. As for no aircraft, you need a valid ai pack, and ES need to be already online. You should use the debug command. Then you will see the activity starting when connecting vPilot to ES.
  12. Load the scenario, then change the settings. For weather as long as you are using a weather engine like Active sky or similar this takes control of the weather directly.
  13. Not as default, but you just change time/weather/season on startup. I also believe there exists some LUA scripts that can sync time via FSUIPC
  14. @Jimmy Stigsjoo Camera addons are not the only culprits for the camera wobbeling. I don't use such, and have only experienced it with Active Sky's turbulence. As for your question, I understand that your tower position is on the correct place in regards to lat/lon. The question then is if you have the right altitude? As mentioned in my guide when setting up for Oslo that view is also behind the buildings until I raise the tower cab using simvars altitude section. If you still want to move, you need to use the same number of digits to make it work, as well as the same format.
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