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  1. One more note for "old" topic, I was flying in Australia and it was more than common to receive clearance "VIA SID/STAR".
  2. Ok. Of course if there are no restrictions that would be the case and pilot should have noticed that during the briefing. E.g. Heathrow seems to have these restrictions on most (all?) SIDs. They also have this line "4. Do not climb above SID levels until instructed by ATC.", I just wished they were more clear with their instructions. Thank you everybody for the answers!
  3. Same wording in Finnish rules So if I receive only "CLIMB (TO)", I should either follow SID/STAR or confirm unrestricted climb?
  4. Couple of times when I have flown out of EGLL via SID, I have received "CLIMB TO FL100", and I am quite sure without the NOW word. I have programmed my autopilot for FL100. And then I have received again "CLIMB TO FL100". I have then deducted that they want me to cancel altitude restrictions and start an immediate climb. I have tried to find more information regarding this and it seems there are different practices around the globe. Under FAA, "CLIMB" cancels restrictions. In UK ATC should use "CLIMB NOW" and if required also "SID restrictions cancelled". In Australia "CLIMB TO" does not cancel SID restrictions. How about in rest of the Europe or in Scandinavia? My old CAA VHF-manual (2002) states that ATC should use "IMMEDIATELY" if action should start immediately, but some things may have changed since.
  5. My first event in VATSIM and quite an experience. EDDH-EFRO took about 5h20min with 5 6 different holdings and roughly 15 circuits. After landing I still had some 80 minutes of fuel left. It was painful but at the same time exciting experience.
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