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  1. Thank you Peter! You have done an amazing job with our web systems.
  2. If they are open to Helsinki, I wonder if the CTP team might consider giving BIKF a few slots in a future event - not as much as larger airfields because it is a smaller airport, but say 30-40 slots. As Iceland is already halfway across the Atlantic, departures could be staggered out more because they already have a head start. So you could have a departure every 5 minutes for three hours. Since the distance to North America is shorter, we could also take medium aircraft, rather than only heavies, and we could also use the East Apron and remote stands, rather than just the Terminal stands. This shouldn't affect BIRD_CTR's normal enroute participation too much but it would give our S2s and S3s something to do
  3. That is one impressive bookings list Wish we could have that sort of turnout more regularly.
  4. This is today! I'll start earlier in the afternoon on EKVG_I_TWR from my Australian timezone
  5. Updated briefing link http://vatsim-scandinavia.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Guide-to-the-Faroe-Islands.pdf
  6. Friday Night Ops shuttle event with Iceland and some US cities
  7. Iceland online tomorrow (Saturday) for 7 hours!
  8. What happened to the image? Happened to this post too.
  9. Pretty much. I think the controller would be aware of the nature of the aircraft from the flight plan/strip because the Tower and ACC share the same electronic system even though they are in different buildings. They may also recognise the 'number' part of the callsign e.g. ICExxxx because there are only a couple of Icelandair Cargo aircraft and I'm pretty sure their callsign numbering is different. Bjarki and @Halldor Bui Jonsson would have the proper answer of course. I'm just guessing
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