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  1. @Martin Loxbo @Martin Stockzell Haha! Guess what? It works! I just replaced the AHMS_ESSB.bgl with this ESSB_FSX.bgl file, and the scenery seems to work just fine. Haven't had a chance to test it properly yet, but seems awesome already! Thank you for helping me out, will fly to Bromma tomorrow Joel
  2. @Martin Stockzell Hi, how is the recompiling going? I look forward to hearing when I can start using the scenery
  3. Thank you so much for the effort! Let me know when you have some results
  4. I guess I forgot to mention that I get no error message. The sim just closes. Now I have checked the event viewer, and it says that faulting module name is g3d.dll. What did you mean by an FSX copy in this post?
  5. I even tried removing the third party libraries, but the problem was still the same. I think it may be something with the dds and bmp files?
  6. When I click fly, the game starts loading, and it says "loading scenery", but the bar stays at 0%, and after a few seconds the sim crashes. This doesn't happen with any other addon scenery.
  7. Hello! I still, for an inexplicable reason use FSX, and I can’t get the scenery to work. Could I get a working copy? Thanks
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