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  1. Please note that we did some unscheduled maintenance on https://moodle.vatsim-scandinavia.org 21MAY20 @ 2130z. For the more technical of you this involved converting our initial Moodle installation to follow the public git repository. This basically means that upgrades will be much easier to manage for the web team! This change shouldn't bring any differences to the end users as we haven't updated the Moodle version itself (yet). If you find anything not working as you'd expect, please let us know in the "Issue" section of our forum section. Best regards, Gustav Web Development Engineer
  2. Please join me in congratulating @Daniel Bartos with his new S2 rating! Job well done, Daniel!
  3. Please join me in congratulating Jakob on his new S2 rating!
  4. Please join me in congratulating @Jonas Bernh with his brand spanking new S3 rating! Jonas did a very good job and the rating is definitely deserved! Thank you to everybody that flew ind or out of Kastrup this evening
  5. Please join me in congratulating @Mads Therkildsen with his brand new S3-rating. Well done!
  6. Congrats, my friend! Excited to be working with you
  7. Looking at the sectorfiles I can't see that an update should've done anything different. Going to 16_13 I didn't change anything in the files that would effect that route
  8. Seems like our front page on http://vatsim-scandinavia.org/ is "ouf of order"
  9. I think most of the basis has been covered by @Hakan Schulz and @Mattias Green. Thanks, guys! If you have any further questions do not hesitate to ask here on the forum or drop me an email (pilot@vatsim-scandinavia.org). Blue skies! Gustav // Pilot Coordinator
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