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  1. Read the disclaimer ever time you open the AIP though... Might not be piracy, but it's in the gray zone.. But other than that I've looked at it, and it looks farily good!
  2. @Otto Suhonen EFHK was originally too far according to the planning team, but they reconsidered it as not too far. EFHK might be in the raffle in the future.
  3. Congratulation, Martin! The future holds great things
  4. I can't say for official requirements, but you are not using it as your own, but advertising for VATSCA, so I don't think anyone will have a problem with it as long as you represent VATSCA in a good way. Where were you planning on streaming it on Facebook?
  5. I sent a formal proposal to the board, however after my recollection, I never got an answer... Only so much one can do.. :P
  6. I totally agree with that, but sadly - that's not the reality we live in. And in my opinion, if we can reduce the amount of B3's and A9's SUP's have to deal with, I would see that as a positive thing. Having a pop-up on screen would still require you to be present at your computer, but it would help both parties (frustration from ATC and consequences for the pilot). Say for example if a pilot has fallen asleep or is preoccupied, he shouldn't be on the network, but I think everyone knows that's not the reality we live in. Having a loud alert to let you know that you should contact ATC would from my point of view be a positive thing, although I do understand your argument.
  7. Wow, very nice!!! Just a thought: would it be possible to have vpilot integration as well? "Incoming message from XXX_TWR" or a really loud alert for "New message from XX_SUP"? Oh god that would make my life so much more enjoyable. <3
  8. Was that really your first flight? You did a really nice job! I can't emphesize what Jouka says enough though. Even though you might feel stupid, never readback something you don't understand, and if you can't hear what the controller was telling you - ask them to say again. I often have to do that as a controller too, and it's just the same thing there. All in all, you did a great job, and I'm looking forward to seeing you next time!
  9. Ahaa, I always thought it was ENGM, ESSA and EKCH.. Yes, and of course there will be a transition period of quite some time. I don't think anyone wants to spend hours upon hours converting all documents.. Perhaps only update the new documents made? That would indeed need to be taken into consideration if we were to follow Martin's idea, and update the whole graphic profile..
  10. Yes, I have thought about that myself. It will have to be a rebranding campaign for all new documents, presentations etc. I have also thought about the idea of making a complete branding guide, but we'll see if that's necessary. My thoughts are that we should settle for a logo before we start working on the graphic profile. But yes, I'm very much aware that this isn't just about the logo on the website. It would in that case be a gradual change as well. We'll see where it goes!
  11. Update! I saw @Daniel Lange's note about not using the space good enough, leaving a lot of whitespace. What I did is simply switch the positions of the text and logo (doesn't have to be hard!) I have also made some suggestions for the FIR specific logos. Let me know what you think! (special thanks to Finland for having a white flag, forcing me to put borders on all of them :( ) I also noticed that I had tampered with the location of Iceland in the logo, so I fixed that. The logo is a bit more pointy now, but that doesn't make any difference with the new setup, it only boxes in the text better. Also; here's a proof that it actually represents the hubs.
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