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  1. Hello My name is Henrik Ståhlberg, To make this short, during my many training sessions for S2 controller i have noticed a problem that occurs both when i've had sweatbox sessions and online training. The first day I log in online and everything works perfect. The next day when i log in online and i haven't changed anything but suddenly when i try to scroll in the CFL-list for a departing aircraft i zoom in and out on the radar display instead. One day i got so annoyed by this that i took the time and found a solution. Here it is. If you log online and have the Ground view of an airport, and you zoom when trying to scroll in the CFL-list. What you need to do is to load the general-view of your airspace. Then in the general view just scroll in the CFL-List, you don't need to set anything, just scroll. Then go back to the ground view and TADA, now you should be able to scroll in the CFL-list in the ground view. DO note i have not tried this on Windows 10. only in windows 7. Don't know if this the right department, feel free to move this post. Hope this helps. Best regards Henrik Ståhlberg
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