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  1. Years ago the color of the line bordering an area with ATC was red. Today it is the same color as for an unoccupied area, white - but bold. My old eyes would like the red color back, as it stands out more profoundly than the bold white does. Where can I change that?
  2. Direct access from PFPX to Eurocontrol flightplan validation has been stopped by Eurocontrol. Hopefully it will return, but for now, validation of flightplans using the validation via PFPX doesn't work. Sad.. Torben
  3. Perhaps the local barometric pressure was low. The standard pressure measures the altitude above the 1013hPa isobar, while Vatspy (AFAIK) measures altitude above sealevel. regards Torben
  4. Thanks to you both. I'll check next time for the routing and datafile. regards Torben
  5. A strange problem: I got BAW771C from ESOS_1_CTR (MM). But on the tag the next controller is mention as MM (Scotich was no online). Looking at the flightplan I find no errors. So apparently when no next controller is online Euroscope reverts to the previous controller. Or could it be TopSky interferring? regards Torben
  6. Thank you for the Stuttgart - Göteborg event yesterday. Flew as SAS1808 and got good atc from LOBBI to the stand. I was a bit sad to see, that no controller was present in Denmark, as the descent (and climb for departing aircrafts) involves DK for W/SW arrivals. I can see that Martin announced the event wednesday on the DK Fir forum. Alas without responce. So 2 small suggestions: 1. In the planning phase of a city2city event be aware of the need for all relevant positions within VACC-SCA, not just the immidiate "surroundings" of the airport, so that notice can be given in good time (Martin announced the event on the event page Feb. 9th) 2. Consider manning a position outside your usual FIR. EKDK_V_CTR doesn't need a major endorsement, as it doesn't cover EKCH. EKAH (Aarhus), EKKA (Karup) and EKYT (Aalborg) should not be difficult for a C1 controller to handle. And having DK_V would take care of the descent and ascent. But thank you for your efforts ?? Torben
  7. Really nice to see events involving minor airports. Did the EKEB (living 20km from it) to EGPD with nice atc. Unfortunately Scottish control wasn't online, but EKDK kept me until descent and then Aberdeen radar took over. regards Torben
  8. Despite the lack of booking - the UK Airspace was manned all the way, so I had a very good trip from EKBI to EGNM. Full atc coverage from Billund to Leed, and a fair amount of traffic around Leeds. A nice event not going to one of the major airports for a change. More of those events please :-) regards Torben
  9. Looks to be a nice event - but I wonder why no controller has booked Leeds Twr or APP? regards Torben
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