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  1. A great thanks to all of you that have been supporting me during my training. A special credit goes to my excellent mentor Håkan Schulz who spent a lot of time and effort during the last six months, learning this old man to become a (rookie) enrote controller.
  2. In the profile a row was different from the one that is working: Settings SettingsfilePILOTING \Settings\General.txt Added this, and will test it...
  3. After a lot of testing, I've noticed that some planes actually get the route drawn when right clicking, at least in the Flight Plan List. But I can't see any pattern witch routes does not get drawn. This makes it even more strange...
  4. Yes it is. But when unloading TopSky Plugin DLL, and loading it again, Euroscope crashes. Have version TopSky221b11
  5. Unfortunately that did not solve it. I have enclosed the file that is loaded by the profile file that has the problem. Is the action, for right click in a list, defined here? And below is the Dep list col setup dialog. The row "List COPX /DEP list) has "Toggle route draw" as the right button function. Lists.txt
  6. COPN/COPX right click in all lists, does not show route (only in one of my profiles). It works if right clicking in the tag. Tried to copy lists.txt from a working profile, but it didn't help. Where can you control this? Any other ideas?
  7. Yes, I know. It is not that. It came with ES beta 24.
  8. Getting this error everytime the ATIS is updated (see picture) There has been discussions going on about this in https://forums.vatsim.net/forum/272-euroscope/ Can´t really see what the problem is.
  9. What about the folders in the build? And some files named "beta"? Looked at an earlier version. My bad - I have been in the sun to long
  10. Ett sent grattis!!! Flög ju själv och det lät väldigt bra det lilla jag hörde
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