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  1. Thread locked. Please use english in the open forums. And for instructions, refer to the pretty simple instructions found - or connect to the Discord for more informal stuff!
  2. The board of VATSIM Scandinavia has elected @Kobi Lecornu as the new Director of Reykjavik CTA. Congratulations to Kobi and thanks to everyone who were interested in the role! Also a big thank you to @Miska Jokinen for his years of dedication to our community! Kobi and Miska will do a formal handover during the coming days to make sure that the transition is as smooth as possible.
  3. The deadline has passed and the board will now go through the application process. Since we are nearing vacation times this _might_ take a while longer then usual. But a new announcement will be posted when the candidate has been chosen!
  4. Grattis Oskar! Och ledsen att jag blev förhindrad. Men det verkar ju som att det löste sig Tack @Hakan Schulz för stöttningen last minute!
  5. VATSIM Scandinavia is looking for a new Director of Reykjavik CTA. Duties according to the constitution are: Work closely with the other FIR Directors, and report directly to the Director of VATSIM Scandinavia. Oversee and develop rules and regulations to facilitate the online experience for each respective country. Monitor and update ATC-operational procedures to improve the virtual online environment for each respective country. Appoint members to help in the work to create files for the ATC-operational softwares (charts, POF-files, sector files etc). Work closely with the Training Director in order to create a suitable online training environment for new, and existing, VATSIM Scandinavia members. Work closely with the Director of VATSIM Scandinavia and, if necessary, assist him or her in his or her duties. If the Director of VATSIM Scandinavia is on leave, continue his or her work until the Director returns. If the Director of VATSIM Scandinavia is removed, resigns or if he or she becomes unexpectedly and permanently absent, form a temporary board until a new Director has been elected. Minimum requirements: Rating of 'Senior Student' [S3] Member of VATSIM Scandinavia for at least one month. Applications for the position should be emailed to election@vatsim-scandinavia.org no later than 16. June 2020 23:59z Applications should include Name VATSIM CID VATSIM Rating Short description of your self and also why you are the ideal candidate for this vacant position. Questions about the position can be sent to: director@vatsim-scandinavia.org
  6. I couldn't dream about the amazing response! We got over 200 € in just a few minutes. I can't thank everyone enough. This will help cover all of our cost for next year as well! Again, THANK you!
  7. As you might have noticed during the last year, a lot has happened with our IT infrastructure. Our amazing Web team has been the true heroes of 2019 and are still working like minions to improve our systems. This has, however, been quite costly for an organization that relies on donations to keep our services up and running. So for this one-time-only type deal, I would like to ask for your help! If you think you can spare a € or two, please check out https://vatsim-scandinavia.org/about/donations/ Many thanks in advance!
  8. Unfortunatly I had no compiler for FSX. Don't know if @Martin Loxbo or @Arvid Hjalmarsson has one?
  9. Before v2 (the Loxbo edition) the scenery was compiled for P3D and FSX separatly, however since 2.0 this seemed redundant since it was compiled for P3Dv3 which should be working with FSX. But obviously not. Let me try and see if I can recompile. Doubtful, but I'll try
  10. The latest version should be compatible with both fsx and p3d. What errors are you getting
  11. It seems like Discord made some changes to their server setup which caused a lot of (voice room) problems. This should be sorted now!
  12. VATSIM Scandinavia only source of income is from generous donations from all of you. Every euro we receive goes towards keeping our services up and running, and also during 2019 to upgrade and secure them so that our brilliant Web-team can continue the amazing work they have started during last year! From april 2019 to april 2020 you guys donated the amazing amount of 273€ I would like to thank each and everyone that donated - we couldn't have done anything without you (literally)! A lot of expenses were made during 2019, but thanks to your donations we managed to only end up with a loss of roughly 40€, despite getting a VPS to secure our own data and not have to rely on someones private server. We upgraded our forums with the "pages-module" to replace our web site, making it easier to manage - as well as fully GDPR compliant. We cut some costs by changing the domain name registrar which also gave us an extra year renewal. So basically we spent a lot of money this year, since we had it, and hopefully the expenses next year will be lower as a result of that. Again - we are fully dependent on your donations to our community. And if you feel that you can spare a euro or two, all the information is available here: https://vatsim-scandinavia.org/about/donations/ Attached is the financial report we are required to present to show that all income is used towards keeping our services alive. Again, thank you everyone! VATSCA-DonationsReports.pdf
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