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  1. @Adrian Bjerke Noticed that EURM disappeared with the latest .dat file
  2. VATSIM Scandinavia only source of income is from generous donations from all of you. Every euro we receive goes towards keeping our services up and running, and also during 2019 to upgrade and secure them so that our brilliant Web-team can continue the amazing work they have started during last year! From april 2019 to april 2020 you guys donated the amazing amount of 273€ I would like to thank each and everyone that donated - we couldn't have done anything without you (literally)! A lot of expenses were made during 2019, but thanks to your donations we managed to only end up with a loss of roughly 40€, despite getting a VPS to secure our own data and not have to rely on someones private server. We upgraded our forums with the "pages-module" to replace our web site, making it easier to manage - as well as fully GDPR compliant. We cut some costs by changing the domain name registrar which also gave us an extra year renewal. So basically we spent a lot of money this year, since we had it, and hopefully the expenses next year will be lower as a result of that. Again - we are fully dependent on your donations to our community. And if you feel that you can spare a euro or two, all the information is available here: https://vatsim-scandinavia.org/about/donations/ Attached is the financial report we are required to present to show that all income is used towards keeping our services alive. Again, thank you everyone! VATSCA-DonationsReports.pdf
  3. Sorry for the delay regarding this, it's beyond our control unfortunately. But the "new" constitution that was presented last year is now in effect from April 1st! https://vatsim-scandinavia.org/about/constitution-and-regulations/
  4. The working description of the DPO has been revised. This update is effective immediately.
  5. v2.01: Nothing really changed, except all changes in v2.0 merged with the changes from v1.21. v2.0 was edited from v1.2 by mistake.
  6. v2.0: @Martin Loxbo edition! Fixed DME for both ILS stations. Adjusted LOC 30 due to RL position change, parkings and lines on Apron East and Apron 4 adjusted according to AIP, new taxi way between Apron 4 and 7. Lines at "engine test area" on G1 removed IRL. Stands and service roads on the main apron at stand 7-14 adjusted to match RL remodeling. Tee offsets on stand 3-19 added. Adjusted size on parkings and added airline priorities for use of AI traffic. Parking signs color change from black/white to yellow/black. Adjusted all taxi signs for better looks. All static aircrafts removed. Merged P3D and FSX versions.
  7. Sure thing! Do you want me to add you to our Google Drive or should I email the files?
  8. Dont know if this is a bug or if I have some bad settings somewhere. I tried the creat apl from an uncorrelated tag: and this major blank box appeared out of nowhere: Dont really feel like is something that's supposed to happen?
  9. Yes. @Arvid Hjalmarsson can perhaps correct me but i think that the P3D version is v4+ only due to the 64 bit optimization
  10. Ah, thanks. Yes. Changed from .rar to .zip with 1.21. I will update!
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