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  1. Dear members of VATSIM Scandinavia, Since this is my first posting at VATSIM Scandinavia Forum (I think), let me introduce myself. My name is Florian Harms, I am the Director of VATSIM Europe Division. Most of you might know me flying through an airspace when I am doing ATC or while I fly with one of the notorious „4df“-callsigns, trying to bring fun and the unexpected to any airport you might control from time to time. I have been a VATSIM member since the very beginning and despite my different positions I still enjoy our hobby for more than a decade. Especially meeting with and talking to members from all hemispheres and backgrounds is the real plus of VATSIM for me. VATSIM Scandinavia is one of the largest areas within Europe. You guys, coming from different countries in Scandinavia, have formed a whole and attracted a huge number of new members and also kept the older ones active. The community of controllers is on a very good way and the number of e.g. SAS or NAX callsigns in the virtual air in Europe is high. And let me add: this is recognized also beyond Division level. As you might have seen in your forum, by mail or in discussions on TS, a voting process was announced to decide, who should be the next ATC Director of VATSIM Scandinavia. This process has raised some concerns by VATSIM Staff which resulted in a two hour meeting last night with your Director and other parties debating the pro's and con's of your current Rules and Regulations. As an outcome of that discussion I have instructed theVATSIM Scandinavia Director to halt the election process. The board of VATSIM Scandinavia recently were privileged enough to consider between two great candidates whilst many other VACCs usually have just one. Unfortunately due to the lack of a unanimous vote (6 to 1) automatically your election process kicked in, which in turn caused concerns of certain VATSIM Staff members. The general consensus is that any ATC Training director, being one of the toughest jobs in a VACC, demanding not only knowledge but also ways to communicate to trainees, members, and staff ought to be above the danger ever being compromised. In addition we feel the task for any VACC of the size of VATSIM Scandinavia is beyond what we can ask for one member on voluntary basis, especially given that we expect seeing the member still flying, controlling and enjoying the hobby that he/she signed up for initially. In conclusion, and due to not wanting any potential staff member ever to be in a position of being compromised, I as the VATSIM Europe Division Director and as clearly discussed with the participants of last night's meeting and with full support of VATEUR, feel that the position of ATC director of VATSIM Scandinavia shall be held by four rather than two hands. In other words: I am hereby directing the Board of VATSIM Scandinavia to decide who should be ATC Training Director and who should be Deputy. We will respect the outcome of that decision, but there will be no public vote. As a further outcome, VATSIM Europe Division will shortly introduce a revised version of the local constitution to make sure it is aligned with all VATSIM regulations. We are absolutely sure that the chosen setup is most beneficial for VATSIM Scandinavia and indeed its members. If you have any questions and/or remarks on this topic please feel free to get in contact with us at director@vateud.net Thank you all for doing great work leading to a very successful community. Sincerely yours Florian
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