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  1. The event was excellent =) I did my usual bout with mistakes, but I loved it regardless!
  2. Yep, I guess I was to excited about all the people being around to think proactively
  3. Hello there, After the situation arose in the mast live event, I need to ask a question: In my flight from ESSA-ESMQ, I was toddling along at FL190 southbound in L87 through PELUP, VIBAR and MOVIS for my MOVIS3E arrival. At some point, I need to start my descent from FL190 so I can be at 5000A at 17 nm from KAL-DME. I know I can't initiate my descent without ATC approval, but at the time _CTR was completely stuffed, I was simply not able to get my request called in. I know I could send a text message, but that'd hardly help, only worsen the situation for the ATC. I haven't been able to find the situation in any of the documentation I've read through, so I reach out to you instead. It'll probably happen again next Sunday Oh yeah, now I also remembered that ATC had tried to contact me, but I was there the whole time and listened for my callsign and had somehow missed it amidst the traffic. But given these circumstances, what is the proper way to handle it? Just hold my altitude and heading and wait until we manage to establish contact?
  4. I know manning the EKCH stations is important, but has anyone prepared, say the German airspace for the coming influx of flights? =) I mean, 300 flights in and out of EKCH in 5 hours, plus any unscheduled additions. It would be kind of hilarious with someone taking a _CTR for the first time ever and 30 minutes later he's got 85 airplanes on his scope
  5. I believe I've actually reached that point! And to keep stuff easier at hand, I've destroyed an old whiteboard I found in the apartment building's recycling room; I cut it to size and now it's fixed in a stand on the "box" of my Saitek yoke, so it'll be easier when the ATC sends directions. When I hear my callsign, I grab the pen and write down the directions, and when I've acted upon the directions, I can erase them. And if I prepare the board with my own data of expected runway, SID, initial altitude, QNH and the freqs that I'll encounter, it'll require much less brainpower to digest the information from say, my clearance.
  6. Thanks for the answers! But a new question popped up: METAR. Is Vatsim using real-life weather data, so I can use https://metarreader.com/ or the XPNOAA weather plugin in X-Plane to get the QNH? I know I can set the "source" in the plugin to "Vatsim" so the weather in the sim reflects the weater data from Vatsim, but I'm not sure if the METAR query in the plugin still checks for real-life data. I'll pop the question in the support forum thread on x-plane.org.
  7. This is a lot like a big puzzle, and you provided some key pieces right there, Martin. THANK YOU! Reading the ATC LOP was good stuff as well. In doing so, I'm almost inclined to think that some pilots aren't really listening to what the ATC is saying at all, they know that in my example, unless the winds are high, they'll get the RWY 34 MOVIS 2C departure, they know it'll be initial FL90, they know they'll taxi via A8. They only real information that'll be "news" is the QNH and SQUAWK. Right?
  8. I am... actually not being trained by any organization at all. Have I committed some sort of faux pas in not being enrolled in a training program and still logged on? Anyway, what threw me off at the start, was that I apparently had failed to grasp what information I'm given when I request clearance. I was at the ready to receive "CRAFT" when I had contacted ESOS_1_CTR (what's the difference between ESOS_1_CTR and ESOS_7_CTR, btw? Different areas of coverage?) but I learned that I wasn't gonna be given a transponder code until after taxiing, and standing at the holding point. I cannot recall this from any of the PilotEdge-videos I've watched, is this a US/EU thing again, like specifying the flight rules? Also, if I have clearance for MOVIS 2C departure, initial altitude 6000 feet. I'm cleared all the way through the SID, correct? In this case, I should fly straight out until KAL DME 3, then turn right to a heading of 030 until I intercept KAL-R 359 and proceed from there to MOVIS. As long as I don't climb above 6000 feet, I can go through the SID and then move along my flight plan (in my case, most often along L87 to VIBAR)
  9. Yep, thought I had studied it like a madman, but when I sat there, three ferrets in my stomach, supplying enough water for terraforming Mars from my sweating... I think I even lost childhood memories, not just everything I had read up on about Vatsim
  10. Thanks, man, I appreciate it =)
  11. There. Did it. Flight done. My verdict Me: Fiasco ATC: Patience like a frigging Zen Master The only thing I think worked out as it should for me was the landing =P Everything else was a smorgasbord of misreading, mishearing, misreading back, misclicking... I'm still surprised there wasn't some super-ATC online that sent me a /kickban.
  12. When initially contacting the controller for clearance, I guess I need to specify where the heck I am, right? =) Sweden Control, this is Braathens 3663 at ESMQ stand 1, with November, request clearance for IFR to ESSB as filed.
  13. On Sunday, there will be folks manning ESSA, but I see ESOS_CTR being manned too. Does that mean that I can use that for clearance, takeoff and arrival for other airports in Sweden?
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