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  1. Sounds good. Keep in mind the hollidays around that time. Late autgust or september is a fine time for ATC Events
  2. Thanks for answering Martin. Sounds like an excellent plan for the summer. Ill happy provide the graphics if needed. Just ask on Discord EDIT: PS. The station names in the image above is interchangeable
  3. On recommendation from Discord I want to suggest an event.. All ATC wants traffic when they are online. It does not matter if you are S1, S2 or Instructor rated. Understandable but also sadly most ATC with C1 or higher rating tends to choose Center as their preferred position to staff. This may have several different reasons, but one might be to serve more pilots at one time or increased traffic. Therefore we often see those natural red areas covered with occasional tower or ground covered below, in hectic times often also APP or DIR in divided airspaces. This is of course excellent. But I at least have never ever seen lots of green circles on the map, especially at the same time. How fun would it be to have an event that populates those APP positions around our region of the world. So why not organize an regional flyin, or national flyin where we cover as much APP's as humanly possible? Let's see how many circles we can form at one given time. Now, there might be some issue of rating to have a successful even like this. Most ATC I suspect have only S1 or S2.. Well the event need you too, we need you to take part and staff respected positions below. Other issues? Well I can only think of one, ATC shortage or inactive ATCs.. This is another discussion, another topic. But we can do something with those active ATC's that are the true dedication of VATSIM Scandinavia. So how would we do it? Well I suggest we do it country by country or an larger event where we staff multiple scandinavian countries one night. All depends on the logistic I would bet. How can we organize it. Well with permission, we can use ATC across the border. So i.e. to staff Sweden, we take all ATC available or willing and assign them a position or provide a list of available positions in that given country. It would then be the responsible ATC's task to read up on that APP position in order to provide adekvat service for the event. Then we have traffic amount, normally things tend to pack up around capitol city approaches. Well there we would in fact need some higher level ATC with major airport endorsements. We would as mentioned above, also provide available staffing positions for S1 and S2 just to include them too. Now, I do not know the technical aspect of this, perhaps it is not even possible or wanted. But I truly think this could be a lot of fun. So is this an horrible idea or something we can do logistically, can we unite? Logo is editable
  4. Off the bat this letter is for the mostly directed to Norwegian ATC's and VAT Scandinavia Staff in general, but also to any other that may have insights. I am writing this letter based upon my own realization and wishes, i am not forced to do this. Well this is a good post, I hope.. Most of you do not know me or perhaps understand the reason for this letter of apologies, to you I am sorry too. But for those that do, I hope you take the time to read it. Recent events, discussions and argument have knocked a sense of embarrassment into me and I feel fed up with my own ways. I have been a VATSCA ATC member since (June 2005 if I remember correctly) where I got started doing ATC, pilot before that.. I have also been a VATSCA staff (ACCSCA1) and also touched the mentoring portion. Back then we used ASRC as our client before we progressed to VRC and now Euroscope. The community have always been dedicated and I have met lots of excellent people through this community. Still amazed over meeting new people. Sadly I have messed that up many chances and lost many good friends and colleges over the years And for that I apologies to you and everyone else. A short backstory!! I got into flight simming back in early 1998 (even though i had been flying fighter games on my C64 before that) I did not take this hobby seriously before about 2000 ish. I got connected to flightsim.no because I wanted to know how I installed airplanes and scenery into FS2002. I would suspect most of you went down that path and still remember the excitements of seeing that airplane, the repaint, that scenery in the sim. And it escalated from there! Everything I have done either it have been making sceneries, guides, tweaks, repaints you name it have all been done for the community. Well that is not correct, I make it for my own sake, then share it fore free with the community hoping they will like and enjoy it. I still do this today, 18 years later. When it comes to VATSIM, I still remember that first terrifying flight on the network, that horrible sweaty moment when you were about to take the mic and call the ATC. I think this is why I today try to be extra careful and helpful to those newbies he he. After that initially breakthrough, I had so much fun, got so many good memories. I have met people of all ages, went to conventions, spotting trips and met with them for beer and dinner. I have had long talks and shots talks, arguments and discussions, but we had fun.. Now not so much. So... While I still have many colleges online and even some of the old ones from Flightsim.no, most of them are gone and I miss that online friendship.. I guess there are many reasons for not getting along with people, those that know, also know why. I can only suspect what is. Cases and reasons the have been escalated over years and I feel there might be a place for me in the doghouse for good. This is not how I am personally, and for that I apologies to you and everybody else. For those that got to know me privately, most would in fact like see me as warm, welcoming and helpful. This is why they are good friends still, and yea many are from flightsim.no and VATSCA even to this day. Many of most now likely be laughing out loud or is still thinking this is bull..s..t. Heck some may not even thing this is funny. All I know I do not deserve any colleges in VATSCA or any other Norwegian or foregin forum or groups. Heck i don't even like my self anymore. But I hope for change. I know I been a complete a.hole more times that some of you can count. It is not that I aim to be, but somehow I get into these arguments either writing or talking. Ironic, I still do.. And for that I apologies to you and everybody else. Most cases are old references to discussions and arguments between FSX and X-Plane, but also cases that involves VATSCA (in fact recently too) I will always stick up for topics I believe in, I will always stick up for my friends and family. This is how I am, why I am either your best friend or your worst enemy. This might also be a reason why people do not like me. I know I am assertive at most, but when it comes to topics I strongly believe in I tend to go overboard at times. This is passion and I can't apologies for that, only how I go about it. This have gotten me into many discussions and arguments that have lead to me being banned from many places. Flightsim.no I chose to leave my self and in fact contrary to what some of you think you know, chose to be banned from myself. Well most of you will say I was trolling, was hateful and disrespectful. I hear you, and I agree and apologies for that. To you personally and everyone else. Still many of my colleges and friends form this community, are still good friends, and for that I am grateful. To my dear VATSCA I am not out to get you or any of the staff/member within. I am not out to be a nuisance to this community or in any way shape of form attack it as an entity. I may argue cases and topics I believe strongly in, and in most cases have gone to far, but I do this purely out of my passion for it. And for that I apologies to each and everyone of you. Most will remember me from flightsim.no and all the arguments there between Prepar3D, FSX and X-Plane. This again is just passion and things I strongly believe in. (starting to see a pattern here ) I have gone overboard many of times and called many of you this and that, just because you favored P3D over X-Plane or some other topic not related. Idiotic and sad on my behalf. And for that I apologies to each and everyone of you. I have my old ways, my problems and retardant things I need to fix. Starting with this letter I will try to be a useful member of this community at least. I will try to be connected as much as possible and help out were ever I may be of assistance. But I have so many other project to juggle between, that may be large scenery projects, repaints, coding and everything else related to in my case is X-Plane. But besides work, family and other non VATSIM related things, I will try to contribute online as much as possible. I will not force me to be liked, I know that ship has sailed, and I will not try to take any positions always from you guys. You have earned it, you deserve it. Now I am under training for MAE on ENGM, I truly hope I can manage to complete it. I have a fantastic mentor and with his help I am at least on my way. After that I will focus my staffing on every other position than ENGM as an Enroute Controller This is mainly because I think Norway needs to have other airports staffed. My favorite is ENAL but I will try to staff other locations with frequently changes. I do my MAE because I need to re-learn most of what I have forgotten. I realize that I have forgot most of what I have learned and need this mentoring, re-training and to learn Euroscope better. I have now completed the 10 hours pr 120 days rule to be active. This is just a start and to get me going as ATC in VATSCA. I will now keep this focus and staff this and many other positions as often as I can, but as a on-call videographer for a national news agency, I need to plan my free time. But I will try, as often as I can.. Two things I can promise.. You will never see an argument from me on VATSCA ever again, and if I stray from this promise.... Please remind me on this letter. Second is that I from now on, I will always be an active ATC in VATSCA, at least if my health is continuing to be on my side. Part from that, I am sorry for every little incident you have witnessed in my present. Please accept my apologies, you do not need to talk to me again, but I hope you do, please feel free to ask for my help, illl be glad to give it to you if needed. Please feel free to say what ever you want to me, I will take your comments as valued feedback regardless of meaning or intention. I deserve to have people tell me what a di..ck I have been and if you do not want to share that on this forum Feel free to contact me on mail, if you have something say that do not fit this forum. Address is: post at tknudsen dot com To all staff in VATSIM Scandinavia new and old. Please accept my apologies for my behavior, you will not see any reason for such again. You don't need to agree or accept, but I hope you do!! Thank you for reading, changes comes slowly. Tom Knudsen 925670
  5. Update. Changed to Sophos and got it installed. Must say, this is by far the best VATSIM whos-online-tool out there now. Kinda buggy still, but a very good one for sure.
  6. Could'nt intsall this due to virus detection by AVG Had it through VirsuTotal and it reported only 3 program detection - AVG, AVAST and eGambit. So most likely something they react to. Even so, cannot install it unless I uninstall Euroscope which is for me the only option right now for a virus protection. Sad... However I did notify the developer and asked him about this concern, let's hope its as I suspect, nothing.
  7. Think I need that too when I start my Gardermoen training.. That looks awesome, very promising. Sadly I just got used to Euroscope, hopefully it is an plugin.
  8. Been following this for a while and have noticed there is a general difference in the usage. So my question for curious sake is this: Do you use the NATCON PLUGIN if/if not why? Also if you do not mind, is there any other plugins that you perfer?
  9. Will do sir, meanwhile where can I get the installastion manual for Euroscope? At least I can log on as an observer to familirize my self with the scope
  10. Problem is that I am doing an re-training, holding an C1 rating and booked a training request 18 of April, it is now july. Almost three months is not long compared to you sir, but I would love to see some action soon And yea, I know its worth it..
  11. Been waiting for training but have not heard anything yet. Wonder if I ever will.
  12. How does this training schedule work nowadays, long waiting period?
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