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  1. Not the best times for us in Norway, but I'm sure I'll be able to do something -- if not Norway, then somewhere in Reykjavik
  2. Don't let your differences get to you. Focus on what makes us similar: We're all a bunch of people enjoying flight simming. We all do dumb shit which will follow us through our lives, but instead of beating yourself up about it, you should focus on what you want to do in the future (and in the moment). We cannot do anything with what's happened in the past, so just accept it, learn from it, and do what is right. Live, fail, learn, repeat -- that's the circle of life.
  3. Seems like the problem lies within the CTP organizers then, and not within vACCSCA.
  4. Not to be difficult or anything -- on VATSIM, the members have to agree with all the staff members anyway, but statistically speaking, the chance is higher of a vACCSCA field being selected if more fields are elected to be submitted to CTP for election. That being said, I respect the decision made, and see WHY that decision is made. However, I will have to agree with @Lukas Agerskov here, especially seeing that EKCH was a 'rogue' field not having been cleared with Event department before. Also, has the Event department even considered Iceland (BIKF, BIRK)? I know there is a consensus among our members to elect both Icelandic and regional airfields. I'd strongly recommend that the Event department consider having an election (or even just a poll, where Event department has the final say anyway), for which airfields are selected for CTP nomination. I have seen a more and more distanced relationship between vACCSCA's ordinary members, and its staff members. Such a development is unhealthy and directly dangerous for any community of any size, and including the ordinary members in more of the choices made, such as for CTP nomination, would maybe make that bond between staff and non-staff members stronger. Let the members feel ownership of the decisions made. Let it be known, I do not suggest giving the members the final authority of field nomination to CTP. I am suggesting that a poll, to see where there is consensus, would be a nice way of at least including the members in the processes.
  5. @Mathias Johnsen: Agreed. We don't need a complete graphical profile, but do we really need a logo at all then? Can't we just replace that as well with the text "VATSIM Scandinavia"? It's no problem doing that. However, I feel we as an organisation need to appear at least friendly, if not professional -- right now we just look like a dull group of people doing boring things. Just look at our graphical profile from an external point of view. It is embarrassing to say the least, when comparing our documents, posters, banners etc. with other vACCs and vARTCCs. Not necessarily because they look bad, but because there's no consistency or "refreshment" in them whatsoever. Now, I totally agree with us not needing to rush this at all -- remember that we're all here because it's a hobby. But when someone actually works with graphical design for a living (or has it as a hobby) and has VATSIM as a hobby *cough*Mats*cough*, I don't see any reason to stop them from participating in the creation of a new graphical profile. Also, I totally agree with your description of the process needed. It's a long process, that needs to be executed with 110% professionalism.
  6. As @Bork Johnsen here points out, there's nothing standing in the way for a professional organisation to use an old logo or graphical profile for its old documents. Most of our training documents (at least for Norway FIR) are way outdated anyways. It's way more important to have correct information in our documents than to have a consistent graphical profile all over, incl. the old documents. The documents that are outdated we'll have to change anyways, as the info there is outdated and either false as for what's regular practice, or as for how the world of aviation has changed. Even our Exam document is outdated, as per our practical standards, where examiners often require to see the examinee deal with an emergency and where the requirement for a military flight under a checkout is not practiced. I find it more unprofessional that spoken or verbal procedures are not consistent with what's actually written down in our documents. Time and time again I have to tell my students to disobey our training manuals, because they have false information in them.
  7. Also, May I suggest, @Mats Edvin Aaro , that for your thought FIR logos, that you either don't include "Norway FIR", "Sweden FIR" etc, or don't include the "VATSIM Scandinavia" as it is too much text in there for my taste, as well as some proportion in there that grinds my gears. Probably replacing the "VATSIM Scandinavia" text with the "Norway FIR", "Sweden FIR" etc is best as it is something that is going to be used more-or-less internally in VATSIM Scandinavia, so we all know which vACC it represents.
  8. First off: The idea that the logo is similar to the Navigraph logo is fairly subjective. The logo itself is abstract to some extent, and one can either see it as it is probably meant, a compass fitting all the Scandinavian countries, or as a paper plane or whatever. However, I don't think we will get in trouble with Navigraph for using this logo. If that was the case, Microsoft would get in trouble with Navigraph for their WordArt of a compass, which is way more similar to Navigraph's logo than the initial draft here. Second off: I elected to use the word "draft" about this "suggestion" in the last paragraph. I don't see this as a final suggestion to Board whatsoever. This is a public brainstorming process to end up with the best draft for a suggestion in the end, before actually submitting the suggestion for Board. Obviously suggestions shall not be presented in such a manner, on the public forums, that'd be unprofessional and would attack Board's integrity as an organisational organ. However, Board may take this positively. With such posts being made on the forums, Board may prepare for having to process such suggestions, without suddenly getting a suggestion in their laps, with no warning. Our graphical profile is way outdated, and we need a way to attract new members and to appear professional in all of VATSIM's branches. And again, this is merely a brainstorming process. Public brainstorming processes are the best way of figuring out what's best in the end, as well as what's the most popular in a community. I would encourage all members: normal mebers; staff; or board, to participate in this process with their thoughts.
  9. This looks really nice and neutral, Mats. Just what we want to appear as a professional organisation!
  10. So, the userlist in TAS is quite difficult to use to search for people. Sometimes after putting in a person's name I would need to scroll through the pages, even though they're blank to find the user I'm looking for. As you can clearly see in the screenshot above, I queried for @Kobi Lecornu in this example, and I had to scroll through to page 51 just to find his entry. Seems like searching only filters out the results not matching without actually updating the query itself? COuld this design bug be fixed?
  11. @Jouka Ahponen If you have permissions, could you possibly move this thread into the "Control Tower" forums, as it's probably relevant for all FIRs?
  12. I thought that we should have a thread on this forum for exchanging our alias files. In the link below is my alias file, which I have based on a file Krister made from a VATUK public alias file. What I primarily have changed from this, is adding a few nice things, such as .noob, omni deps at ENGM, and other nice functions. Also, the original one was buggy as can be coming to dual runway ops, so I fixed that. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9_jckkFeyImNWdtUnF4WHBTajg/view?usp=sharing So, does anyone else have any cool aliases that might be helpful in certain situations? Obviously the one I've included here is designed for ENGM.
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