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  1. It is per design, the manual doesn't seem to be up to date on that part. If desired, the functionality can be enabled in the settings. For example using Shortcut_AHDG_NoFixes_Combo=0x12 gives the functionality described in the manual (that's the default setting in type B).
  2. Not silly, but also not a feature of the real system either as far as I know, so no. That information should be gathered using other means such as flight strips, the EuroScope lists or something like that. Given that I have rather little detailed information on the real system, should I in the future find out something like this really exists, I'll certainly consider it.
  3. A missing dummy item in your tag definition perhaps? Since the non-concerned tracks work, the dummy item is present in the 'untagged' level tag. I'd guess it's missing from the 'tagged' level tag.
  4. All answers to direct-to downlinks are done using the NPT menu, see plugin manual chapter 4.14
  5. Sounds like I've added stuff to the window without remembering to increase the window area accordingly, I'll fix that. As a reminder to everyone, the ability to send these manually composed free text messages is intended for situations where the plugin fails to parse a downlink correctly leaving no other way to answer it. Any clearances uplinked using this method will not be displayed in the track labels and the responsibility for composing an understandable message lies with the controller typing it.
  6. Adding aircraft type and category filters based on icao_aircraft data probably isn’t much work.
  7. The primary radar video is currently completely independent from the ese-defined radar data and there is no way to define blind sectors or terrain obstructions for the radar stations. It’s not a high priority item either due to low demand so unless I find excessive amounts of spare time, it won’t be available in the near future. An interim solution could be hiding targets not seen by the ES primary radars, this wouldn’t be much work.
  8. It is correct however that there is no function available for plugins to enter text to the command line. As there is a reasonably handy way to do it (text aliases), I'm not going to code ugly workarounds such as synthesizing keystrokes to write the text.
  9. Hi Chris, we actually had some discussions back in early 2017, but it seems it was all about CPDLC. Since I did all sorts of testing to be compatible with both the original Hoppie client and yours, I either missed some tests or you changed your code after my tests. I'll email you with more details.
  10. The problem here is that "ENGM STARS RWY 19" is not a plugin map, but a sector file item (with possibly some map elements like texts and symbols added). The sector file items are present in the maps window to make it possible to toggle them on/off without having to go to the ES display settings. For some reason it's not possible for plugins to query the display state of sector file items, only to set them on or off, and that's why they're always grey in the list (the plugin doesn't know if the item is displayed or not). I may end up changing the maps code so that the sector file items are converted into actual plugin maps so that all maps in the window would behave the same, but haven't decided on that yet as I'm pretty sure ES is much more efficient at drawing the items than the plugin, and no matter how big a font I'd use in the documentation to emphasize avoiding plugin maps for big/complex drawings, many would miss that and then be unimpressed by the slowness when panning and zooming the screen.
  11. Opening the ground state menu from the label menu can probably be done without causing any issues, I'll have a look.
  12. As this is not a feature of either of the two systems the plugin is based on, it's not going to be implemented.
  13. It's likely a false alarm. I'll check and adjust the code to work properly.
  14. The symbols the plugin is set up to use can be checked by clicking the “View” button for the Symbols data file in the Plugin Status menu.
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