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  1. Found one bug in the code that could cause a CTD, fixed in beta 13. If I fixed the 'wrong' bug and the plugin keeps crashing, let me know.
  2. Again, for the Finnish setup, beta-specific settings and data files are available (attached, no changes since beta 12). The package contains an updated Lists settings file (updated DEP list definition) as well as some plugin data files (contain some items won't understand). They should only be used with this beta version or later. None of them are mandatory but at least the lists file is recommended to make the DEP list look as it should. BetaFiles_FI_TopSky.zip
  3. Beta 13 is available (attached) Main changes from beta 12: Bug fixes to Maps data file loading (shouldn't complain about multiple ACTIVE lines anymore) Bug fix to DSQ code (prevents a CTD so either use this version or don't use DSQ) Change to how disconnected tracks' data is saved, now re-applying/assuming works at least in my test setup Route draw toggle code adjusted Plugin update check URL changed (in all older versions the update check will start failing at some point in August as the previous URL will stop working) TopSky221b13.zip
  4. or in other words All I can gather from the event viewer data is that something in EuroScope caused a stack buffer overflow. That's around 100000 lines of plugin code to look at. If you're fairly certain it's related to DSQ, that would narrow it down to around 100 which would make a manual search effort worth trying. Then again, if the crash happens when doing something specific, it's only about 10 lines of code which would make a quick fix almost certain.
  5. So no crash dump was created? (instructions to find them are in the beta thread). If not, does the crash happen when performing an action such as a mouse click on somewhere or at a random time? I might have a couple of hours available today to hunt down the bug, and the more information I have, the better the chances of finding it are.
  6. There is currently no functionality to toggle sector file items from within a plugin map, and due to the way the map background is drawn and what information about the drawn sector file items is provided to the plugins, I don't think such functionality will be provided in the future either. For SIDs and STARs, it is possible to draw plugin map data together with the sector file item by creating a plugin map with a corresponding name and folder (i.e. folder "STAR", name "EIDW/RWY28/ALL STARS" in that case). Instead of being a real selectable plugin map, the data in it will be displayed together with the sector file data whenever you toggle the sector file item from the SID/STAR folder in the Maps Window. Any data in the map such as color values or zoom limits will only apply to the plugin map part, the sector file data will be drawn by EuroScope.
  7. Rather than making everyone crash their plugins, I'd like them to be able to avoid it. Could you provide some more information on the issue? - Which plugin version? - Is it a specific action that triggers the crash or is it just connected to currently using or having used one or more DSQ numbers during the session? Even though there fortunately isn't that much code connected to DSQ, it will be much faster to fix it if there's a way to replicate the crash, or if there's a crash dump available.
  8. There isn't any way to get that information at the moment. But if I find the plugin useful enough, I may look into that as I'd then probably want to get the information into the TopSky plugin.
  9. (from a PM) From what I can gather, the aircraft in question arrived to EDDM and then filed a new flightplan to EDDF using the same callsign. Assuming it didn't disconnect from the network at any point, the bug is due to the code not dealing well with an aircraft changing its destination without disconnecting once an automatic stand assignment is already done. Whether the destination is changed while in flight or after landing, the result with the current code is the same; a stand assignment will only be automatically cleared by the aircraft disconnecting. I'll see if I can slip in a check for a changed destination somewhere, but for now a new stand assignment must be manually triggered in these situations.
  10. The plugin should support at least FTP, FTPS, HTTP and HTTPS with or without authentication for the uploads and downloads. Of all the possible combinations, so far I've only tested FTP with authentication for uploading and HTTP without authentication for downloading. The goal is to create a setup where the "master" plugin is able to get a small text file periodically uploaded to a web location where "slave" plugins are able to download it from.
  11. Based on some testing, it would seem that when the plugin is notified of a track disconnecting by EuroScope, the flightplan data and information whether the track was assumed or not are already lost, so the code had nothing to save anymore. I've tested a workaround which saves the data with each position update, and it seems to work at least in a test setup. The downside is the additional code being run - the data being saved for all assumed tracks on each position update rather than just when an assumed track actually disconnects - but with all the recent performance improvements in the code, I think I can live with this setback.
  12. @Oliver Gruetzmann, Gergely could not debug the crash dumps as he had already moved on to newer code. Please use the new EuroScope beta r25, hopefully we'll have better luck with that if the crash happens again.
  13. All the information required to start using the plugin is supposed to be in the Developer Guide. Chapter 2 has some outdated information though, see the second message in this thread by Carlo and my response to it for correct information.
  14. @Oliver Gruetzmann, sadly the crash dumps do not point to any plugin code. I've forwarded the dumps to Gergely, perhaps he can see if the crash was due to EuroScope, and if not, then which one of the plugins... @Matisse VanWezer, as the manual (General part, Appendix 1) says, most of the mode S items are blank as the information is not available in the network data. Even the DRC item is just the calculated value as no downlinked value is available. The only one of the mode S items that actually shows a downlinked value is DHDG. Perhaps the data will be available in the future, who knows, but for now most of the items act like no data is received -> blank. The route draw was changed to be automatically removed after a specific time if no tag was shown. This was done to avoid getting routes stuck on the screen if for some reason the flight was removed from the list, for example by another controller logging on in that airspace. The timer would automatically refresh when a detailed tag was drawn to keep the route displayed. Looks like I need to figure out another way to get around this issue.
  15. I’ll have a look, hopefully I can find the cause this time. It’ll be a week or so until I’m anywhere near a computer though, but I’ll get around to it eventually.
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